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"There was a ledge about 1,000 feet down that I knew I was going to impact, so I had to pull my chute," she recalled. "I pitched it right at eight seconds, just as I hit terminal velocity."

Christensen said she hopes to be off crutches and hiking by December and jumping again by next February.

Most of Christensen's injuries were to her left leg, which required metal plates and screws, plus a bone graft to repair the injuries. "They also sutured the ligaments in my knee and reattached them to the bone," she said.

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Mbt Footwear

Mbt Footwear

like rock formation known as "The Mushroom," which features a 3,000 foot vertical drop to the valley below.

On Saturday morning, Aug. 7, Christensen and six other BASE jumpers (all of them male), arrived at the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland. After arriving by train, the group had a helicopter transport them to a top of a spire Skechers Bobs Shoes

Christensen taught 7th grade math for three years in Moab before being laid off at the end of the 2009 10 school year due to financial cutbacks by Grand County School District. She has 11 total years of teaching experience, having also taught in Washington, Alaska, Arizona, and Tennessee.

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"I'm passionate about it, and absolutely will keep doing it," she said. "I'll never jump on snow or ice again, though. I learned that lesson the hard way."

Mbt Footwear

"It's not legal to make these types of jumps in the United States," said Christensen, explaining why she and other avid BASE jumpers make pilgrimages to such locations.

Mbt Footwear

Christensen also suffered a few facial cuts and bruises, but her full face helmet took the brunt of the impact, sparing her from major head trauma and possible death. Her friend Dustin Frandsen of Moab flew back to accompany her on the flights home.

Christensen was subsequently rescued via helicopter (a different one than the one that had dropped them off on the mountain) and taken to Interlaken for treatment.

as soon as possible.

"They even covered all of Dustin's travel expenses," she said.

Instead of gliding down 2,500 feet and enjoying almost a minute of free fall time as the others had done, Christensen said she knew immediately she was in trouble and would have to pull her chute Mbt Shoes Womens Fora

The seven jumpers, including two of Christensen's friends from Finland, then prepared to jump off the Eiger Mushroom.

According to Christensen, reaching the Skechers Air Walk

For now, Christensen says she'll save her money for a new parachute, which typically costs a couple thousand dollars. She also needs a new $60 helmet.

A former Grand County Middle School math teacher is recuperating from injuries suffered while BASE jumping from a mountain in the Swiss Alps in August.

Kresta Christensen, 34, is an avid parachutist who has logged 235 lifetime BASE jumps (parachute jumps from ground based places, such as bridges, antennas, spans, and earth formations). She also has made some 220 skydives from aircraft since taking up the sport about five years ago.

"I knew that it was either going to open and I'd fly away from the ledge, or it wasn't going to open fast enough, and I would impact it and die," Christensen said.

The final jumper of the seven, still above her, witnessed the accident and called for help on his international cell phone before making his jump safely, Christensen said.

Besides recuperating physically, Christensen hopes to regain her teaching job. "I miss teaching," she said, adding that she has been working as a Mbt Footwear tutor and volunteer classroom assistant.

Mbt Footwear

"It's amazing I had time to pull the chute when I did," she said.

"It served its purpose," she said, holding up the cracked headgear. "I'm really fortunate. I really am."

All of Christensen's medical expenses, including her transportation home, were fully covered by the international travel insurance policy she'd purchased for $200 prior to the trip.

"The first four jumpers all made flawless exits, as they were still stepping on snow," recalled Christensen. "The fifth one slipped a little bit, but he still made it OK. I was the sixth one to go, and I slipped badly on the ice as I jumped."

"They found me because of my bright yellow parachute, which is still on the mountain," said Christensen, who was later transferred to a hospital in Bern, where she stayed until Aug. 18.

Swiss Alps BASE jump gone wrong is only temporary setback for local math teacher

It was Christensen's second ever BASE jumping trip to Switzerland, and in the days leading up to her fateful jump, she had already made 17 successful jumps in other areas of the Swiss Alps, including a place known as Yellow Ocean, near Lauterbrunnen.

As it happened, although the chute did slow her descent, Christensen slammed into the rocky ledge about 1,000 feet below where she had jumped.

Eiger Mushroom typically requires a three and a half hour hike in good conditions, but she and the other jumpers opted to be airlifted via helicopter due to the snow and ice on the mountain.

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