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The proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project would not only help the water storage plan's 15 participants, it would improve conditions across northern Colorado for years, supporters of NISP said Wednesday.

Wilkinson said the project could be phased Skechers Sneakers

Needed now

While some of the participants in NISP, which include the city of Fort Morgan and Quality Water, need the water that would be captured and stored by NISP for their projected future needs, some cities have a need for more water now.

participants and determined a need for 40,000 acre feet of water to supply them.

Fort Morgan is among those, Merrill said.

If NISP is not built, another 60,000 acres of agricultural land would be up, Wilkinson said.

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Brian Werner, communication and records department manager for Northern, said the planning for NISP was spurred around 2002 by the municipalities that approached the water conservancy district about the need for future supplies.

The seeds of the concept behind NISP were actually planted many years earlier, Werner said, when the Cache la Poudre River was designated as a wild and scenic river in the 1980s. At that time Northern officials began looking at their more restricted options for tapping the river's water supply.

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The meeting, attended by about 60 people, was held during a regular monthly session of the Property Rights Foundation of the West Mbt Black Patent Shoes

Northern officials noted that if NISP had been in place during this unusually wet year, it would have been able to capture and store an estimated 56,000 acre feet of water. Although the annual yield of water from NISP is set at 40,000 acre feet, the two reservoirs that are part of the project have a total capacity of about 215,000 acre feet because in some dry years the project will not be permitted to divert Poudre water.

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thought we would be done by now, but we still firmly believe this project will be permitted, he said. Army Corps of Engineers, which is expected to be completed by next year.

The city currently leases some water rights to supplement its main supply from the Colorado Big Thompson water project, also created and managed by Northern.

´╗┐Supporters sing praises of NISP

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would accelerate and dry,' he said, referring to the practice of large cities buying ag land and shutting down wells. and dry would continue in some cases, but not as much as with NISP.

It is this storage of water that is one of the most attractive aspects of NISP, several of Mbt Shoes Clearance Amazon the officials said.

Northern Water representatives, from left, Brian Werner, Eric Wilkinson and Alan Berryman, answered a host of questions from an audience of about 60 people during an informational session on the Northern Integrated Supply Project on Wednesday. (John Brennan/Fort Morgan Times)

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Jack Odor, chairman of the Fort Morgan Water Advisory Board, asked the Northern officials if the project could be phased in to stretch out the financial burden on the participants.

Fort Morgan has committed to participation in NISP for 3,600 acre feet of water, Merrill said. That will cost the city in the neighborhood of $40 million over about 20 to 30 years, depending on how the city finances its participation.

came to Northern and said, need water for our future can you help us?' Werner said.

The project has been in the federal permitting process since 2004 and is now in the sixth year of that process.

Morgan is one of the unique participants, because we're short now, Merrill said. want to get to the point where we own the water instead of having to lease it.

evolved into what is now known as NISP, Werner said. narrowed it down to the serious

and moderated by Chuck Miller. One of those alternatives, required by federal permitting rules, is the action alternative essentially doing nothing.

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Ament noted that in 2009 Colorado has allowed some 160,000 more acre feet of water to flow out of the state to Nebraska than it was required to send under interstate water agreements. Last year the state sent nearly 60,000 acre feet more than required, he said.

Several representatives from the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, which is spearheading the NISP project, and local officials discussed the plans and projected impacts of NISP during an informational session at the Country Steak Out.

in a number of ways, and Northern is studying its options and ways that it could serve the cities with the greatest need first.

region looks a lot better in 30 years with this project than without it, said Eric Wilkinson, general manager of Northern.

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