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Skechers Empire Take Charge

There are no contribution limits, no early withdrawal penalties, no required distributions and no IRS reporting. "You can contribute what you want and withdraw what and when you want for whatever reason, rather than it being dictated to you as in IRS sponsored plans," Krage said.

Skechers Empire Take Charge

"I believe in what we're trying to help clients with. I'm doing the same thing," Krage said of the Roth + Plan. "I am treating it as a key element in my family's financial future."

Skechers Empire Take Charge

Skechers Empire Take Charge

And over the past few years, Krage has felt like a bartender listening to his clients' tales of financial woe: market gains wiped out, retirement dreams that have been dashed, and heightened concerns about affording children's college education.

that we've witnessed and some have experienced over the last few years, investment value declines of 30 to 40 percent," Krage added. "The Roth+ plan also allows you to share in the market gains up to 13 percent, so it is the best of both worlds."

provide for their future college educations, among other needs.

The result: Financial WealthCare, Inc., a firm they founded and which centers its efforts on a Skechers Empire Take Charge tax free strategy funded by a life insurance investment vehicle. The policy is offered through Penn Mutual, chartered in 1847 and the second oldest mutual life insurance company in North America. Best, Aa3 by Moody's and AA by Standard and Poor's.

Skechers Empire Take Charge

Daniel Krage has consulted with a wide range of business and individual clients on tax and financial planning.

"It's especially good for younger individuals who are going to have the time to build up this tax free investment for retirement or college funding. It also can help older individuals rescue their retirement plan," Krage said. "Overall it helps you keep all of your investment value and receive a predictable return to meet your investment goals.

The plan is 100 percent protected from creditors.

Unlike a bartender, who can only ask the patron if he wants another round, Krage and his partners have taken steps to offer another way for their clients.

"In retirement investing, it is not only about your return on your investment, but also how much of your investment you get to keep," Krage said. "It doesn't get any better than tax free investment growth."

Krage and his partners have dubbed it the Roth+ Retirement Plan. It has many advantages over 401(k), IRA, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) and Roth retirement plans.

"We've seen just about every type of investment and accounting gimmick on the markets," Krage said. "We're conservative, no nonsense business owners and tax professionals and have conducted our due diligence in researching this product and developing this strategy."

There's no risk of ever losing money, with a 2% guaranteed return each year. In addition, policy holders can gain a return of up to 13%. Also, once you earn your gain each year, you never lose it and it is compounded to earn you more year after year.

Skechers Empire Take Charge

Skechers Empire Take Charge

"We heard so many horror stories from our clients about the impact of losses in their investments," said Krage, who grew up in Glenview. "We felt we needed to go out and find something to Mbt Shoes Customer Reviews

A graduate of New Trier West High School in Northfield, Krage holds a business degree from Miami of Ohio. During 13 years working at a market research firm, his work took him to the United Kingdom, France and Holland, among other international outposts.

Skechers Empire Take Charge

Tax Accountant Offers Tips on Tax

The Roth+ investment grows tax free and is structured for tax free withdrawals during your lifetime. Additionally, after your lifetime your loved ones will receive a tax free death benefit.

"In today's litigious society, and in the current economic environment filled with bankruptcies and foreclosures, it's impossible to overstate how important this is," Krage said.

Skechers Empire Take Charge

Krage and his three other partners Jim Passarelli Sr., Jim Passarelli Jr. and Nugent Vitallo have nearly 100 years of collective business, finance and accounting experience.

Skechers Empire Take Charge

"Guaranteed return is important in a retirement plan to avoid the pitfalls Vans For Kids Girls

That career track also introduced him to his wife, Michelle, who worked at the same company. They reside in Chicago and have three daughters: Mackenzie, 12, Devyn, 11, and Dylan, 7. His family fuels Krage's investment motivation now, as he seeks not only to secure a stable retirement but also Vans Era On Feet

No IRS Contribution Limits, Penalties or Reporting

Skechers Empire Take Charge

Along with his partners, who have been in the accounting and tax business since 1961, Krage is continually looking for ways to limit clients' taxable income and to maximize their investment return.

The benefits, including the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed returns and the upside of tax free market returns, have compelled many clients to invest in the Roth+ plan. Among its strengths:

protect them from it happening again and provide them a way to meet their financial goals."

Skechers Empire Take Charge

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