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It was Leblanc's work that sparked this case and first exposed the sponsorship scandal.

The government filed suit against Polygone in 2005 for its role in the sponsorship scandal. The government wants to recoup the millions the former Liberal government paid to the firm.

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The court's ruling has instead laid out a test that courts must follow to determine when they should Mbt Kisumu Amazon side with journalists and when sources must be identified.

Polygone argued the establishment of a near absolute privilege to protect a reporter's source trivializes its rights and denies it a fair trial and a full defence.

journalistic work, of journalistic sources that has to weigh in the balance when these issues are raised in court," said Globe and Mail journalist Daniel Leblanc.

The ruling means there is no blanket protection of secret sources in Canada and each case must seek to find a balance.

According to the Supreme Court's test, it's up to the journalist or news agency to prove the public interest is better served by keeping the journalist source relationship confidential.

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Polygone's lawyers are trying to prove the federal government was aware of questionable practices under the sponsorship program well before 2002, when the story broke, and that the deadline for initiating legal action had therefore expired.

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Quebec, but the administration of the program became a huge scandal because of corrupt payments to Liberal friendly advertising firms, sometimes in return for no work.

OTTAWA The Supreme Court decided not to resolve the question of whether a reporter who uncovered parts of the sponsorship scandal will have to reveal his secret sources.

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The Supreme Court's ruling is specific to Quebec, where the civil code law system is used rather than common law. That means the ruling extends the protection of journalistic sources and the balance courts must strike to the civil code system.

Polygone argues Ma Chouette has Mbt Footwear Etc

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information that may prove useful to its defence.

´╗┐Supreme Court rules on sponsorship scandal sources

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Mbt Kisumu Amazon

Ottawa has denied the allegations.

Groupe Polygone Editeurs, a Montreal advertising company that was embroiled in the scam, wanted the court to force Leblanc to reveal the identity of his source, nicknamed Ma Chouette.

Polygone's lawyers said Ma Chouette may have information that could help them counter a $35 million federal lawsuit that may ruin the company and destroy its founder's livelihood.

Mbt Kisumu Amazon

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