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I just wanted to say that I've decided to stay on Quizilla. I remember when this account got deactivated and how absolutely heartbroken I was for DAYS! SoI don't think I'd Vans Tan Color

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Might just be.

Vans For Boys Red

Gtg, see you sooooon (leaving you with my fave boys)

Vans For Boys Red

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Hello to whoever is reading this.

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Vans For Boys Red

Vans For Boys Red

1:00 pm EDT 0 commentsI will not be updating at all this week because I, my dear friends, am at the very warm (very amazing) island Cyprus! I'm having a lovely time here with my family. Eating, tanning, snorkeling, relaxing all day long. So it's obvious I will not be online to upload any stories at all this week. I'll be going home on Monday so maybe, just maybe, there will be a new chapter of Prophecy and The Mental Hospital on Tuesday.

But as I said, lack of reviews, lack of Vans For Boys Red interest, lack of joy. It might be for the best to just end this account and move on.

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Vans For Boys Red

Vans For Boys Red

So I'm thinking of deleting this account. Ohgod, this is actually really hard. This account has been my safety. I know it might be hard for someone of you to understand but Quizilla is where I just wrote my fanfictions to get my mind off of all of my other problem. And I've met such wonderful people on her. Tatiana, Mallory, Danielle, Kacen. And lets please not forget Emelia. I speak to that girl everyday and she helps me through so much and I love her to death for that. Thank you baby girl.

Please do check out what is written on Wattpad. I'm currently writing a Liam Payne story that I hope you all will like.

I'll just start with saying Quizilla and you all have been such a big part of the last two years of my life. I've been able to do what I love the most, which is writing. But I've gotten to the point when I don't know why I keep doing it. What I write is obviously not liked and I understand that.

Which brings us to the next subject. And The Life of Jiam/The Family is finished, I just wrote The Family to show you guys the future of the Jiam gang and I honestly don't know how to continue it so from now on it's finished.

Vans For Boys Red

I don't care if you see me as depressing and sad for writing this I just wanted it to be out.

You might noticed I've delete a few of my One Direction stories and I thought I'd explain why. It's not that I'm not a directioner anymore, believe me I am. I'm just not interested in writing fanfictions anymore and I don't really got any insperation for them. The Life of Jiam is still my baby though. I might update The Family and the N serie Mbt Sandals Clearance

be able to go without it and I know I'll randomly come up with some crazy story idea that I'll have to write :)

Emma xx

End of SwedishEmma?

Vans For Boys Red

Hello dear readers!

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sometimes but not often. Crash is still not deleted and I hope I'll get insperation for that one soon. But please read Immortal Love and please check out The City which I'm writing on a joint account called NYVikings.

Vans For Boys Red

And I have some personal issues which I pray that I'll somehow get away from and get well, happy again.

Oh how I love those guys. I didn't really understand how much until yesterday when I all of a sudden was in the same arena as them. I WAS IN THE SAME ARENA AS ONE DIRECTION AND SAW THEM DO WHAT THEY LOVE! I was in shock through the whole thing. These are the guys I've spent two years writing fanfictions about, dreaming about seeing, just loving. And there I was, watching them sing the songs I've absolutely fallen in love with. Until yesterday I somehow have always thought they weren't real. No one can be that perfect and be human. But there they were. Wow. Just wow. They must be the most talented people on earth. It was such an amazing show and I love how the Swedish fans delivered. I've never heard so many screams. 33 fucking thousand girls in one arena. My ears still hurt but it's worth it. One Direction delivered and I hope they'll keep doing that because god dammit they're amazing and I will always love them. Last night was the best night of my life

Hope you guys keep reading my future stories!Emma xx

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