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Therefore huge kudos to the documentary The Business of Being Born for being able to sway my previous belief labour should always take place in a hospital.

What if something went wrong? I wondered.

As the film explains, typically a labouring women in a hospital setting who's hooked up to an electronic fetal monitor, which inhibits their movement, sees a slower labour because they aren't able to take advantage of gravity and movement to aid the baby's descent.

Skechers High Cut Shoes

those thoughts in almost the complete opposite direction.

Skechers High Cut Shoes

The documentary, produced by former talk show host Ricki Lake, talks of the vicious circle of medical interventions during labour.

The BOBB has reversed Vans Burgundy Shoes

Because contractions are then much more painful, a lot of women opt for an epidural.

at birthing positions and explains how the standard lying on back position is actually one of the worst as it makes the pelvis smaller. It exposes the rising percentages of cesareans in the States and elected c sections. And, finally, it discusses what's seem to become a wide spread fear forced on women of birth in general.

Skechers High Cut Shoes

Skechers High Cut Shoes

"I'd love to do that, have my baby in a tub at home and to be able to pull the baby out myself," I said to my husband just after the Vans Girls Shoes Black

The fetal monitor picks up signs the baby is in distress and a caesarean is ordered.

After drugs kick in, they don't feel anything therefore don't move around. Meanwhile baby is being squeezed by the monster contractions.

"As I did the research, I discovered that the business of being born is another infuriating way medical traditions and institutions, hospitals and insurance companies actually discourage choice and even infringe on parents intimate rites, ultimately obstructing the powerful natural connection between mother and newborn child," said the documentary's director Abby Epstein.

Skechers High Cut Shoes

Skechers High Cut Shoes

Besides showing many beautiful home births, the documentary also delves into the history of birthing. It explores nasty side effects from drugs administered as recently as Cytotec in the '90s which caused several ruptured uteruses and high infant mortality. It looks Mbt Rocker Sandals

Skechers High Cut Shoes

Skechers High Cut Shoes

He looked at me like I was on glue.

Skechers High Cut Shoes

Skechers High Cut Shoes

When a labour is going too slowly, a patient is often given synthetic oxytocin which brings on longer, more intense contractions.

I am very stubborn. It's a rarity to change my mind about something I feel strongly about.

Take a good look at the business of being born

And I don't really blame him as I'd always expressed how I thought women who had babies at home were crazy.

Meanwhile, back at the homefront, it may be hard to persuade my husband to have our second baby at home, but if anything, I'm glad I'm more aware of my rights and choices.

credits rolled out on the American based documentary I had just watched again for the second Skechers High Cut Shoes time.

Skechers High Cut Shoes

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