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Vans Gray High Tops

Vans Gray High Tops

Wear rubber boots or other non conductive footgear and avoid standing in water. Turn off your main power switch safely; if this is impossible, call a professional electrician.

Keep copies of important documents such as your house deed on your computer and in a waterproof box.

Take fast action when water damage occurs

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Teach children to tell a grownup immediately if they see water in any unusual places in the home.

Identify the source of the water for example, a roof leak due to heavy rainfall. In a dry area like Nevada, the cause is more likely to be a blocked pipe or an overflowing appliance. Turn off the main source of water and contact a Las Vegas plumber if necessary.

Shovel out any mud.

Salvage Your Possessions

Be prepared for a possible emergency scenario so that you can act quickly should water damage actually occur. Here are the essentials you need to know.

Take photographs or video and make notes on the damage you see.

Vans Gray High Tops

Keep a charged emergency light and a camera easily accessible. Having safety gear (rubber gloves, boots and a face mask) at hand is also recommended.

carpet (a major water absorber) and remove it to a dry place. The under padding acts like a sponge and will probably have to be discarded.

Photocopy essential papers if you have not already backed them up.

Set up a secure place a neighbor or relatives home to take your kids to in an urgent situation.

Vans Gray High Tops

Maintain an up to date list of major possessions and their approximate value, recording new items as you purchase them.

Wipe any moisture off the walls and ceiling, and then disinfect them to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

Remove Standing Water and Clean Up

Vans Gray High Tops

Distinguish between white water (clean liquid, as from Vans Gray High Tops a broken pipe), gray water (containing traces of detergent or food, perhaps from a dishwasher) and black water (contaminated sewage). Hire a professional to deal with toxic black water.

Vans Gray High Tops

Vans Gray High Tops

Show all adult household members where the main switches for electricity and water are.

Be Prepared

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Open all the windows if it is not raining.

Remove small items which are expensive or have sentimental value.

course of action.

Vans Gray High Tops

Vans Gray High Tops

Make sure that your homeowners insurance policy covers water damage. Have the insurance companys 24 hour emergency number handy on your cell phone and land line and on a business card in your wallet in case you do not have access to your telephones.

Movable items, such as upholstered or wooden furniture, that are thoroughly soaked should be taken outside if feasible. Otherwise place them in the shower or bathtub.

Vans Gray High Tops

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If you can do so safely, unplug your electrical appliances. Move small electronics out of harms way. Dry thoroughly before attempting to use them again.

Vans Gray High Tops

A relatively small amount of water may be cleaned up with mops and old towels, bedding or rags. Clear larger amounts using buckets; empty them down the drain if your pipes are not blocked, otherwise pour the contents onto your lawn. A wet/dry vacuum can be helpful. If there is a great deal of flooding, you may need to rent a sump pump place it at the lowest point on the flooded floor.

Vans Gray High Tops

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