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The citizen who found the device said there were nine or 10 children playing Mbt Kisumu 3s

Timmins Police Staff Sergeant Henry Dacosta confirmed this morning that the device did indeed have the appearance of a homemade pipe bomb about eight inches long.

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

In previous occurrences in Timmins, police have explained that concerns over explosives are taken more seriously Skechers Black And White Running Shoes in this city because of the relatively easy availability of blasting materials, compared to other communities.

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

Police have also indicated that the vehicle used by the citizen to deliver the package has been isolated and will be examined for any evidence that may be required.

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

It turns out the package was an enclosed and weatherproofed tube used for geo caching; an outdoors activity where participants hide items and others use satellite GPS units to find the items.

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

The suspicious package at the Timmins Police Building has been removed safely and without incident. An OPP bomb disposal team from North Bay removed what looked like a pipe bomb from a pickup truck in front of the building. After consulting with police officers in Timmins, a single member of the bomb team, dressed head to toe in A special armoured bomb suit, waddled along the sidewalk in front of the police station and opened the passenger door of the pickup truck parked in front of the building.

Police say the public area where the object was originally discovered has been searched by Timmins Police and no other suspicious items have been found.

Aug.20 TIMMINS Timmins Police have revealed that the suspicious pipe shaped device that was brought into the police headquarters Thursday afternoon was not an explosive device after all.

´╗┐Suspected pipe bomb device was a Geo

He said police decided not to take any chances and had the device handled as if it was indeed an explosive.

concern that it may be a homemade explosive device."

Police indicated they were told the package was found somewhere between South Porcupine and the downtown Timmins area.

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

not known whether the pipe shaped device was in fact a bomb. No information was immediately available on where the OPP took the device. More details are expected to be released on Friday. Aug. 19 TIMMINS Timmins Police Service has shut down public access to the Spruce Street headquarters building after what police describe as a "suspicious package" arrived at the building Thursday afternoon. Streets around the police building have been cordoned off with yellow tape. Thursday by a citizen. The person told police he found the package in a public area. According to a police report, "the outward appearance of the package has caused officers Vans Boots Black

According to the citizen, there was an additional concern from police because there was a tiny spiral of copper wire found nearby.

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

The suspicious device was located on the front seat. The bomb team specialist used a pole like grappling handle to pick up the pipe shaped device and then walked back toward a waiting OPP van. it is Mens Skechers Go Walk

Accordingly, Timmins Police notified Ontario Provincial Police, which has officers, trained to deal with explosives. Police closed off the immediate area around the police building until such time as a special OPP explosives disposal team from North Bay can arrive in the city to inspect the package. That is expected to happen before midnight.

"I picked it up and put it in the truck to get it as far away from the kids as possible," said the man, "and then I brought it here to the police station."

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

nearby at the time. That's when the man brought the item to the police station.

Police have not revealed what was inside the geo caching tube. Such tubes usually contain "prize" items such as new keychains, coins or pins to signifying a reward for the geo caching enthusiast who finds the tube. Aug. 19 TIMMINS "Suspicious package removed from Timmins Police headquarters"

Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

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