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You walk out wearing some grey sweat Skechers Black And Gold

no keep goin

You're all on the same teams as before. As soon as Dustin passes you the ball Patrick tackles you to the ground. You blush as you feel his nearness to you. You "Patrcik if you wanted to be on top that's all you had to ask." You laugh. He looks at you serious. He runs his his hand along your cheekbone. His hand felt like fire against your skin. All the guys come over. You "No No. Nothing. Lets play." You look back at Patrick to see him watching you. You blush.

Bryan "We got the day off to spen with you." You "Really?" They all nod. You "Well it really doesn't matter cuz I'm just happy to be here." Dustin "Aww isn't that sweet." You laugh. We'll teach you." You smile. You "I can't play in these clothes. They're too uncomfortable. Ya'll maybe got some baggy pants and a baggy shirt?" Dustn "You can wear something of mine." You "Ok." He takes you to his dressing room and gives you some clothes to change into.

We left off B5 just performed for you.

Vans For Women On Sale

You look through his cologne's and see Polo. You pick it up and smell it. You figured it smelled good so you sprayed some on. You walk out to see the guy's waiting. Dustin "You got my cologne on?" You "Yep." You smile. Patrick "You have to admit it smells way better on her." You blush and watch as Bryan taps Dustin. Dustin "Oh yeah. Yo Patrick keep company. We're all gonna go pick up some things." You weren't buying it and could tell Patrick wasn't either.

You nodd.

Vans For Women On Sale

pants and a big grey shirt to see the guys waiting. Dustin "Thats cold they look better on you than on me." You laugh. Dustin "Got it." You "Yeah." He explained everything you need to know about basketball.

Ya'll start off the game pretty much with Dustin and Bryan playing, that is until Bryan passes you the ball. Patrick blocks you trying to get the ball. You spin around him, pass Kelly, and make a shot. You "Whoo! I did it!" The guys look at you crazy as you pump your fists in the air. Mbt Shoes Sale Uk Clearance Outlet

i wanna stay alone with Patrick nudge nudge wink wink

Dustin "Someons's happy." You "I never got a ball into the basket before." He laughs.

Vans For Women On Sale

When ya'll finish your team actually won. Dustin and Bryan engulf you with hugs. You "I feel so loved." They laugh. Patrick comes up you snaking his arm around your waist, Patrick "Wow your not that bad." You smack him o the ar lightly. You " Ok Now what?" Bryan "I wanna play some football." You "DANGER! Nah i'm kidding. I don't know how to play that either." Dustin "We'll teach you." Mbt Kiburi Black

Vans For Women On Sale

Vans For Women On Sale

He stands up and comes between your legs. He runs his finger along your lips. Patrick "Can I kiss you?" You laugh at how corny he sounds. You "I don't know can you?" He leans in slowly. Just as your lips are about to touch the door bursts open. Carnell "Sorry to ruin ya'll moment but your sister (Jennifer is like ur sis so u say she is) says its time to go." You nodd and slide off the table your body gliding against Patrick's. You cheeks flush.

You watch as Dustin, Carnell, Bryan, and Kelly huddly together. You're left standing akwardly on the field a few Vans For Women On Sale feet from Patrick. You "Ya'll I'm gonna go to Dustin's dressing room to uh freshin' up cuz ya'll killin' me." They didn't hear you so you just leave.

Vans For Women On Sale

´╗┐Surprising Turns A Patrick Breeding B5 love interest pART 2


Vans For Women On Sale

Dustin pulls you aside. Dustin "What did you do to my brother?" You "Nothing. Why?" Dustin "He won't stop staring at you." You "I know." You blush. Dustin "I think he likes you." You "But he doesn't even know me." Dustin "Yeah I know. I'll try and get my brothers to schedule ya'll some "alone time." You smack him playfully. You "Hey!" He smirks. You go back over to the field.

same as before the rest and picture is in the results

Vans For Women On Sale

Vans For Women On Sale

When they left Patrick and you went to his dressing room. You "They slow. If they wanna lie they need way more practice at it." He laughs. He sits down on a chair and you start playing in his curly hair." You run your fingers through his hair. He grabs your hand pulling you onto his lap lightly. You hop up. You "I'm too heavy." He nodds and sorta lifts you up so that you're sitting on the table infront of him.

Vans For Women On Sale

Vans For Women On Sale

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