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"Just another day of working with Mbt Jawabu Mens Sandals

Rooney Mara who plays the title role of the emotionally damaged Goth computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in the Hollywood version of Stieg Larsson's best seller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo recalls getting a list at audition of what to expect.

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

"So we wrapped then. And on the production report, it was, 'Let Daniel go 15 minutes early due to unconsciousness.'"

"The mystery of this movie wasn't that interesting to me," Fincher says, "Nazis and serial killers and the evil that people do, or basements with power tools. First and foremost was seeing this partnership work and these two working together."

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

"I was very taken with the way Larsson sort of built these two stories (Blomkvist and Salander) in parallel and they crossed over. But that's nothing new. That happened in Columbo. And there is an aspect of this story, the five act structure is very much a Quinn Martin structure." (Quinn Martin productions Skechers Go Walk 3 Womens Uk

Hollywood's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is already making a pop cultural splash (including the launch of a Lisbeth Salander based clothing line from the international Swedish retailer H based on Larsson's follow ups, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, are likely a no brainer. Craig and Mara are both on board. Fincher's not locked, but says he'll likely be back to shoot both simultaneously.

"But what he did invent was Blomkvist and Salander."

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

The plot brings together two people who "shouldn't have a relationship, they shouldn't really meet in life, social classes and whatever," Craig says. The rumpled, womanizing, fortysomething Blomkvist has been tarred by losing a libel suit to a sleazy billionaire. The 23 year old bi sexual Salander is a "non person," inexpicably a ward of the state, who makes her living as a blithely unscrupulous Internet savvy investigator.

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

"The first night, we got to the hoisting and the stunt coordinator said, 'Daniel has to hold this little metal thing in his hand, so that if he does lose consciousness, we know," says director David Fincher, who took on the job of translating the 60 million selling trilogy on the heels of an equally acclaimed series of Swedish films.

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

"But the second two books are very much one story. And it doesn't seem prudent to me to go to Sweden for a year, come back for a year, put out the second one, go to Sweden for a year, come back for a year . "I don't think Rooney really wants to be doing this four years from now," he says.

to do horrible rape scenes, just stuff like that," says Mara, previously best known as Mark Zuckerberg's ex girlfriend in The Social Network.

Not forewarned was Daniel Craig, who took on the role of journalist Mikael Blomkvist, who tracks a serial killer through the bloodlines of a dysfunctional family of Swedish millionaires (played by the likes of Christopher Plummer and Stellen Skarsgard) and at one point, ends up trussed up in the basement of his criminal quarry, with a plastic bag over his head.

David Fincher," Craig adds dryly at a news conference for the movie, which opens nationwide in theatres on Tuesday.

"He's going to be acting like he's suffocating, which Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups is not very different from actually suffocating. So we're rolling, and he had this thing in his hand. And as I'm watching the monitor I hear, 'Ting . ting, ting,' and we rush in and he had passed out.

was a '60s/'70s TV production house).

There are jobs that, were they to be advertised on Craiglist, might give one pause.

'Tattoo' shoot left mark with stars

For all the lurid details, Fincher says The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo interested him more as a relationship movie.

"A casting director let me know before the long road of auditioning, that if I were to get the part, that I would have to become a smoker, I'd have to be pretty much by myself for a year, I'd have to be naked, I'd have Mbt Shoes Stores

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

"Classically, studios don't make deals with directors for multiple movies, even if there's a hope of there being three, because they want to make sure that you behave," he quips.

Skechers Flip Flops Tone Ups

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