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"We also recognize that Sunken Lake is a unique situation that we cannot abandon," Butler said, pointing out staff remains committed to working with stakeholders to find a solution. If the county were to walk away, the landowners and leaseholders would have to come to some sort of agreement.

Kings County staff has recommended the proposal not proceed.

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Ennis said the seeds for the Sunken Lake issue were planted 50 to 60 years ago, and the current situation has caused a lot Shoes Skechers Women

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

Councillor Basil Hall pointed out modern holding tanks are safe and environmentally friendly and would potentially be an answer for Sunken Lake.

The Build Canada Fund (BCF) has been suggested as another possible funding source. A staff report April 11 outlined a prioritization system for evaluating projects: the Sunken Lake project was evaluated and received one of the lowest scores among 34 other capital projects. Part of the low score can be attributed to the fact, in April, the project was not "shovel ready." Council adopted the list April 21.

"Let's see if we can get them (the province) to change their minds on holding tanks," Hall said. "This has been going on way too long."

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Ennis said he would like to see a timeframe assigned to Councill Dick Killam's suggestion of a meeting with local and provincial officials on holding tank regulation changes because it would be very frustrating if council didn't get something back in a timely manner. Killam suggested October as a timeframe. Council voted in favour of Killam's recommendation.

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

He said information people have been bandying about you can't get permits for Sunken Lake Mbt Sandals Kisumu is not true. He said it might be a case of needing environmental approval to get a permit.

of stress and worry for cottage owners over the last four years.

Ennis moved council approval of staff's second recommendation, adding the words "for a permanent solution." The motion carried.

Community Development Services director Bill Butler presented a staff report from the county's management committee with recommendations on the Sunken Lake matter to councillors July 21, recommending the central sewer system for the Sunken Lake area not be approved by council; that staff be directed to work with landowners and area residents concerning an alternative governance and management strategy for the Sunken Lake area; and that council seek the approval of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations to utilize Provincial Capital Assistance Program (PCAP) funding allocated for Sunken Lake to develop the strategy.

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Butler said the use of holding tanks was discussed with the area councillor, Mike Ennis, and Department of Environment representatives. Under current provincial regulations, this is not an option for lots that didn't exist prior to Aug. 6, 1984; it's not an option either for newly created lots.

Sunken Lake central sewer system flushed

"As far as I'm concerned, they meet the requirements," he said. "The county knew the cabins were being built there, if permits were issued or not."

system, approximately $18,700 per lot, it's recommended at this time that the project not proceed," Butler said. It would be redundant to establish a proposed wastewater management district and bylaw amendments.

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

It looks like a proposal to establish a central sewer system for the Sunken Lake area has been flushed down the drain.

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

Newton moved staff's third recommendation, to seek approval of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations to utilize the PCAP funding allocated for Sunken Lake to develop the strategy. The motion carried.

There is no funding and there is a petition against the project, but Ennis would still have to vote against the recommendation to disapprove the establishment of the central sewer system. He wants council and staff attention drawn to the fact a timely solution is needed that will be accepted by all stakeholders in Sunken Lake.

As stated in a June 16 staff report, assuming the residents would provide one third of the capital cost of the $1.4 million project, there would still be a funding gap of $700,000. July 7, council received information from corporate services director Bill McKennan concerning priorities and allocation of federal gas tax funds. Unless council decides to place a higher priority on Sunken Lake and reallocate funds, there is no gas tax money available.

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

lake, said he remembers a meeting four years ago, when the Department of Environment had no issue with holding tanks. He said most of the cabins were built prior to 1984, but they were never officially surveyed. Parker said his original suggestion four years ago was to lobby local MLAs to have holding tank regulations changed. He said 37 cabins already have holding tanks, and he pointed out Sunken Lake is one of the cleanest in the county's lake monitoring program. People have taken care of the land, but there is still a liability issue. If the rules were changed, the county could establish a wastewater management district and have people show proof that they've had their tanks pumped out.

"Unless the residents are prepared to pay the entire cost of the sewer Vans For Women 2016

"We're in a situation now where there has to be a solution."

Councillor Chris Parker, who has a cabin on the Mbt Kiburi

Mbt Sandals Kisumu

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