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A few tables are upstairs on what looks like balconies and can best be described as opera house fashion. The bar is not the centerpiece but is at the rear of the dining room. Truthfully, it looks like a great venue for a family restaurant, which is what Sublime can be if it wants to be. Children are welcome there.

And the village might have found the tapas bar it needs in Sublime Restaurant and Sangria Lounge on Harrison Street.

Neither greasy nor overcooked, they were not the tiny little bits of food served by too many tapas bars, but of a decent size and appropriately crisp. They were filled with a mixture that included chicken and red cabbage as well as lime scented, cilantro laced rice. Cilantro also was the chief ingredient in the creamy sauce that went with them. It would have been nice to have had a contrasting flavor to balance the cilantro in the rice, but that didn't detract from the combination of textures and tastes in the egg roll.

visits, it was fine and, hopefully, will stay that way. This is a restaurant that can be good for Cocoa Village and the rest of Brevard County.

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Sublime is where a number of other restaurants and lounges have gone before, in a tall, historic bank building, now furnished with dark wood tables and booths and decorated with the look of brick here and contrasting (but low key) paint there.

The disclaimer here is we've heard Sublime can be inconsistent, but in two Vans White Shoes

Vans Custom

The server, who was as knowledgeable as she was attentive, suggested the stuffed peppers ($6.95). She Skechers Knit Slip On

Vans Custom

There also are Buffalo wontons ($6.50), which involve more combinations: chicken bits mixed with a not too spicy Buffalo sauce and cream cheese wrapped in wontons and fried. They're served with a gorgonzola ranch sauce. The Buffalo chicken lovers among us pronounced the dish addictive.

Still, Sublime being a tapas restaurant, the choices on the last two visits were from the tapas menu, beginning with Sublime egg rolls ($8.50), which they really were.

Vans Custom

Vans Custom

was right. This is a meal adults will find satisfying and kids Vans Custom will enjoy as well, because it's stylish, though not over the top. Big pieces of roasted red, green and yellow peppers are filled with a creamy mixture of goat and cream cheese to which herbs have been added.

Tapas rise to Sublime label

But as it is, the driving force here is tapas, and Sublime does offer its share: hot or cold, vegetarian and meaty, with Asian influences here, Southwestern there and European elsewhere. It also has sizable sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers and about a dozen entrees, each of which is interesting. The chef serves the meals: a lovely, neighborhoody touch.

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Vans Custom

Another winner.

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Of entrees, glazed chicken and rice ($15.50) piqued the curiosity, largely because it comes with that lime cilantro rice as well as roasted tomato salsa. It's quite good it looks pretty. Presentation is important at Sublime, but frankly, the tapas take the prize here.

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Empanadas ($7.50) also are quite good, available with ground, spiced meat, a neat chicken fresh tomato mixture the menu says "tomato sauce," but this isn't the usual red sauce or three cheese. The choice fell to the beef and chicken. The former was a little dry, slightly crumbly and a bit bland, but it came in a good, crisp shell, as did the chicken variety. It was delicious and more like a warm, slightly savory chicken salad than the stuff of taco shops. Vans Maroon

Dessert is something else again. In this case, cinnamon sugar fry bread ($6.95). Wedges of sopapilla coated with cinnamon and sugar are sliced into wedges, stood up on the plate, drizzled with chocolate and caramel and served warm. If you love sweets, this is your dessert. The cinnamon and sugar lent it a bit of crunch, though a bit less chocolate would have been good. Order this for the table, friends. It's substantial.

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