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The Supplementary Medical Plan (Healthcare) is a non taxable benefit designed to help cover the cost of necessary health care expenses which are not covered by OHIP.

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Leave of Absence special provision can be made for benefits to be continued for you and your insured dependents during a temporary leave of absence of less than two years. Arrangements for premium payments must be made with Human Resources before Vans Designer Shoes departure.

fertility drugs, other than those dispensed for one period of 6 consecutive menstrual cycles, and

Exceptions (under 1 (a) above):

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3. Charges for services Mbt Shoes On Ebay

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from the place where injury, disease or illness is suffered to the nearest hospital where adequate treatment can be rendered,

drugs not approved for legal sale to Vans All Red Price

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medical soaps and creams, cosmetics, shampoos, skin lotions, eye and contact lens solutions, mouthwashes,

Insurance ceases immediately upon termination of employment except where a disability exists at termination; benefits may continue in respect of that disability in certain cases.

if in Great West Life's opinion they are for custodial care and do not require the skill of a registered nurse, or

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4. Charges for licensed ambulance service or other emergency service when used to transport you (or your insured dependent):

furnished by a licensed hospital and supplies prescribed by a physician or surgeon which are obtained from an out patient department of a licensed hospital or a surgical supply company, while you (or your insured dependent) are not confined to a hospital.

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the general public in Canada.

while you (or your insured dependent) are confined in a Skechers Ladies Shoes With Memory Foam

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licensed hospital.

products commonly considered household remedies,

Charges for the following items are not covered whether or not they have been prescribed for medical reasons:

2. Charges equal to 80% of expenses for the services of a registered nurse or registered nursing assistant at your residence provided that such person does not normally live in your residence, up to a maximum of $10,000 per insured person per calendar year. However, the lifetime maximum will be $25,000 during the period from the first day of a calendar year coincident with or next following your 65th birthday until your death.

The services will not be considered as eligible charges under this provision:

This optional benefit provides for reimbursement of expenses which are incurred by you or your insured dependents and which, during any one calendar year, exceed the deductible amount of $25. "Calendar year" means the period from any January 1st to the following December 31st.

vaccines used to prevent disease.

´╗┐Supplementary medical

Benefit Maximums: The maximum amount payable for drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction is $1,000 in a calendar year. Benefits for fertility drugs are limited to one period of 6 consecutive menstrual cycles in a person's lifetime.

vitamins, minerals, food substitutes, health foods and dietary supplements such as proteins, infant food,

while you (or your insured dependent) are residing in a nursing home, home for the aged, rest home or any other facility providing similar care,

services of a registered psychologist.

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