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Skechers High Tops Boys

Grant Larson of Norwalk, middle, helps ESPN John Kruk, left, and Dan Shulman with Sunday seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field in Chicago.(Photo: Chicago Cubs)

"Crazy," Grant said.

Shulman and Kruk signed a program for Grant. After the game, Shulman tweeted: "Thanks to the cubs and our great crew for making tonight so enjoyable. And to Grant and Krukkie for getting me thru the 7th inning stretch."

Larson got a front row seat as he watched his son help lead the seventh inning stretch during Sunday's nationally televised content between St. Louis and Chicago Cubs.

For Chris Larson, who serves as Norwalk High School's boys' basketball coach, it was a trip unlike any other.

Shulman and Kruk spent part of the top half of the seventh inning chatting Mbt Leather Sandals

Shulman and Kruk were Sunday's scheduled guest conductors for "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," a tradition at Cubs games since legendary broadcaster Harry Caray died in 1998. Grant handled the next part of the tradition, yelling to the crowd, "Let's get some runs!"

Skechers High Tops Boys

Skechers High Tops Boys

Skechers High Tops Boys

"It was cool," Grant said.

later in the game.

Larson's Mbt Sandals Womens

The performance caught the attention of Iowans, many of whom started tweeting about "Grant from Norwalk." Shulman and Kruk continued to keep close tabs on the Larson family after the seventh inning stretch, with cameras panning over to the group Vans Black

Norwalk native takes center stage during nationally televised Skechers High Tops Boys Cubs game.

Skechers High Tops Boys

Skechers High Tops Boys

takes center stage during Cubs

with Grant, introducing him as "Grant from Norwalk."

Skechers High Tops Boys

It was supposed to be just another game in Larson's annual pilgrimage to Wrigley Field. The trip with his wife, Jennifer, 11 year old son, Grant, and 8 year old twin daughters. Katie and Anna took an unexpected turn during batting practice as Chris and Grant started peeking around ESPN's set in the right field bleachers.

Skechers High Tops Boys

Skechers High Tops Boys

Skechers High Tops Boys

Grant caught the attention of ESPN play by play man Dan Shulman, who was making preparations with broadcast partner John Kruk.

Skechers High Tops Boys

"It was a pretty amazing deal and something that I know none of us will ever forget," Larson said Monday.

phone died during the game. He had close to 100 text messages waiting for him when he charged it back at the hotel.

"He (Shulman) looks right at (Grant) and points and is like, 'Hey, you or son,' or something like that," Larson said. "He goes, 'You want to help me tonight?' He said, 'We're singing the seventh inning stretch.'"

Skechers High Tops Boys

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