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By Sandra Scheinbaum, psychologist on staff at Northwestern Forest the winter blues have you down? Dont immediately jump to the conclusion that prescription medications are in order. You might be able to remedy your own case of the winter blahs.

Take charge of your own happiness

A Mediterranean diet is a good alternative. This includes vegetables, fruits, beans, and protein from good sources, such as sardines and salmon. Olive oil should be your main oil.

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By eating healthy and exercising, you can not only control your weight, but your mood as Vans Donut well. By eating fewer sugars and processed foods, you feed your body the fuel it needs for a happy, productive day.

After all, your mood is often tied to food, fitness and your general health. A problem with one can lead to problems with the others.

Vans Donut

Vans Donut

Vans Donut

Imagine this: You eat a poor diet filled with sugars and processed foods. This makes you feel tired, crabby and bloated. The cells in your immune system have a more difficult time fighting off foreign invaders. You try on a new pair of pants and dont like the way you look in the mirror. This makes you even more upset.

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Vans Donut

way you breathe and the language you use can make big changes in your stress levels.

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in your body. You can examine the link between the things you tell yourself and the inflammatory response this creates. Working with a psychologist, you can see how little changes in the Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

Its a cycle. Its unfortunate, but theres also an upside. you combat one of these ills, you could see improvements in all areas. The first step to feeling better often involves seeing these connections between stress, body fat and general health.

First, lets take a look at the role that food plays in your life. You may not realize just how much sugar is in the food you eat. It adds up. You also may not realize just how much that sugar affects your mood.

Analyze what youre eating on a daily basis. Are there nutritional gaps? And better yet, can you fill those gaps? best bet is to eliminate processed foods. A general rule of thumb: If your great grandparents couldnt get it, then Mbt Shoes Nyc

Stress can also be combated separately using relaxation techniques. Try yoga. This may sound clich, but it really is good for both the body and the mind. Pay particular attention to your breathing while you do yoga. The more calm you are, the better.

So how do you go about fixing this?

Vans Donut

Vans Donut

By doing these things instead of jumping to medication, you can take a positive, life affirming approach. You can focus less on the mental illness aspect and more on building health. Oftentimes, the healthier you are from the inside out, the happier you are.

Another more advanced tactic is to use a technology called biofeedback. With this process, you can see exactly how youre breathing and where the tension is Mbt Fisherman Sandals

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you shouldnt be eating it.

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