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"Israelis provoked the fighting with the killing of Jabari, and most Gazans will rally Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool around Hamas at that point because they're the resistance Mbt Shoes Brisbane

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

Gazans say their struggle began with the creation of the Israeli state in 1948, sparking a war that caused hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to relocate.

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CST November 23, 201Although eight days of Israeli airstrikes in retaliation for Hamas launched rockets left 162 Palestinians dead, residents of Gaza express backing for Hamas and its current campaign.

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

Gaza, and numerous wars have erupted.

Story HighlightsPeople in Gaza say their struggle began with the creation of Israel in 1948 Even though Hamas actions provoke harsh Israeli retaliation, Gazans respect the resistanceDestructive retaliation followed Gaza rocket that injured four Israeli soldiers

controls the strip, injured four Israeli soldiers.

"It's complete destruction," Omar Esbeh said, looking at the ruins of a building that was obliterated in an Israeli airstrike this week near his hummus and falafel shop.

´╗┐Support for Hamas remains strong in Gaza

Eight days of Israeli strikes killed 162 Palestinians, many of them civilians. Israel launched its air campaign after a missile from Gaza, under the watchful eye of Hamas, which Vans Grey Sneakers

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

That isn't nearly the worst of the destruction.

"Now this is my life," Saaba said on the morning after eight days of Israeli strikes. "Where is humanity, peace and justice?""At the end of the day, we want an end to the Israeli occupation,"After the missile fired from Gaza on Nov. 10 injured four Israeli soldiers, crossfire ensued. Four days later, Israel killed the Hamas military chief, Ahmad Jabari.

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

GAZA CITY Rain poured down on the city Thursday as people cleaned up from the aftermath of the violent conflict between the Israeli military and Hamas that ended with a cease fire Wednesday night.

George Saaba, 81, outside a juice shop in Gaza City.(Photo: Sarah Lynch, Special for USA TODAY)

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

But people in Gaza express respect for Hamas, which did nothing to stop the initial attack and throughout the conflict fired rockets into Israel even though it meant Israel would strike back hard. Many said Hamas made gains in a conflict with deeper history.

to Israel," said David Hartwell, Middle East analyst at HIS Jane, a defense and security intelligence agency in London.

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

The conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis has raged since then, said Mkhaimar Abusada, an associate professor of political science at Al Azhar University in Mbt Shoes Ksa

"I carried my carpet, pillow, my bed on my back when I came from Beersheba to Gaza," said George Saaba, 81, sitting outside a juice shop.

"The one thing I really relied on is gone now," he said of the restaurant, closed because of the damage.

Vans Buzz Lightyear Old Skool

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