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Just as the swallows are returning to San Juan Capistrano, the swans are headed back to the Avon River, waterfowl are frolicking in Presqu'ile Bay and tundra swans are making pit stops at Jack Miner place and North Lambton.

This weather is for the birds.

"The lengthening daylight hours trigger a hormonal response in the swans and they need to get back out onto the river to establish their territories," said Cathy Rehberg of the Stratford Tourism Alliance.

They arrive each spring to rest and feed before moving on to nesting areas further north and west and can continue to be seen throughout the month.

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Visitors can explore the 400 acre (162 hectare) site to learn about local wildlife and natural habitats and see peacocks, exotic pheasants, wild turkeys and tundra swans.

Take some time for the birds

Wings over Rondeau

Visit Wild Goose Jack can with nature at the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary on Highway 3 in Kingsville.

Known as Goose Jack, Miner established his bird sanctuary 108 years ago and it is where thousands of geese and ducks stop by while migrating.

The museum has historical memorabilia including the original catching net Vans Maroon For Men

Onlookers cheer on the noisy procession that has included Chinese geese, an emperor and bar headed goose and black swans.

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Rondeau Provincial Park Wings of Spring waterfowl migration festival highlights the spectacle of returning ducks and tundra swans along the shores of Lake Vans Custom Authentic Erie at RR1, Morpeth, southeast of Chatham.

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There are also Mbt Tennis Shoes

carriage rides and spring garden workshops as well as a guided walk to view the swans, hear about the regal birds and watch a video documentary about a year in their lives. to view up to 25 different species of waterfowl.

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The event is a weekend celebration with Swan Quest on March 31 as downtown businesses ask visitors to judge their topiary swan displays.

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has some of the greatest concentrations of waterfowl and has easy access to good viewing locations, said park naturalist Lisa McPherson.

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Vans Custom Authentic

Entrance fee is $8 a vehicle. 225

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the free supplied barley.

of Miner who pioneered the tagging of migrating waterfowl.

It remains free to visit (donations welcomed) and is not only is a great spot to watch migrating critters but to feed geese and ducks with Skechers Trainers Ladies

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