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"It was a real great walk down memory lane. We had various types of music, everything to be proud of with our High School groups, and I loved the aspect of the Newcomers having an opportunity to share where our community is going and where we've come the last number of years. Even some of the sketches, some of the topics are very similar to what we talk about today, so as much as things change there's lots that stays the same."

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Swift Current Centennial Committee Co chair Pat Friesen said the Extravaganza was an ideal celebration of Swift Current pride.

I think everyone that was here thoroughly enjoyed themselves," Friesen said following Wednesday's Centennial Day Extravaganza.

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"I just can't say enough about the show and the exhibits, and the crowd. It's been a great evening, and Skechers Hidden Wedge Boots

"Pitching in for the common good is part of the fabric of who we are as a people and as a community," he said during his address at the Centennial. "Honouring the past and remembering those who made our present possible demonstrates the respect and the admiration that we have for each and every resident who has ever called our City home, and has had a hand in weaving the tapestry that we enjoy today."

"When I'm asked to summarize what do I think of Swift Current in two or three words, I always think of "Community Spirit" and "Community Pride", and how the people of Swift Current always make things happen, always get the job done. And there's a tremendous sense of pride in this community, and it was alive and well tonight."

Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer talked about the importance of people in the community making the difference in how successful Swift Current is.

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January 15 marked the date Swift Current was incorporated as a City in 1914, so the Centennial committee chose Wed., Jan. 15 2014 as the date for the Centennial Day Extravaganza to launch a year of centennial events.

as Saskatchewan's first premier from 1905 to 1916. Now, 100 years later the MLA for Swift Current is again premier of the province. Premier Brad Wall recalled that Southwest Saskatchewan has come a long way since John Palliser's expedition in the mid 1800s determined the region was not suitable for agriculture or settlement. Despite this bleak outlook, Wall highlighted that those individuals who helped build Swift Current had a different view of what could be achieved here and understanding of what was possible.

"Our fore bearers, lead by those who had vision, why they just defied the experts. They defied Palliser and they built a community. They built a way of life, and we benefit from that heritage today. In fact, they didn't just build a community, but they named buildings here after the guy that said we shouldn't live here. It's quite remarkable."

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

A grand Centennial Day Extravaganza was hosted at the Innovation Credit Union iPlex on Wednesday, with the large audience treated to an entertaining evening of stage performances plus a large selection of informative displays.

Schafer also was impressed Skechers Flex Appeal 2

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

It was pointed out that in 1914, Saskatchewan's premier was Thomas Walter Scott, and the Swift Current MLA served Mbt Boots Uk

Wednesday's well attended event was also a rewarding payoff following months of pre planning for the centennial year.

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

"Swift Current was born a railway town, but it quickly grew from there with deep roots in agriculture, oil and gas, culture and performing arts, sports and recreation, and most of all in a people who believed in their community and in their communities future."

with the evening's live show and the obvious talent in the community that was featured on stage.

"We spent a lot of time organizing and planning and thinking about our vision and what it was we were trying to achieve. And then all the time to organize the details of this event, so there was a lot of effort put in. And it seemed like it took forever to get here, but yet all of a sudden here it was. I think its been a great evening."

"It's impossible in a very short show to depict everything that's happened in the City, but I think they selected the highlights, they portrayed them in a great way. And people got a real sense of the City and where we've come from, and to a degree where we're going."

"Everything was just done first class today. I'm so proud of Swift Current, and I think everybody that was here tonight is and should be too," Schafer said.

The evening was attended by a series of community dignitaries included former mayors along with past and current city council members, with the audience reminded that we are indebted as a community to each individual who has served on council and has contributed in making Swift Current a community we are all proud of.

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

"Every event, every sort of memory I've got is tied to the people in the community pitching in and all pulling in the same direction. I know that's the theme of this community, and it's evident in everything that's happened here the last 100 years, and it culminated in a fantastic performance tonight with lots of great performers and fantastic volunteers and the effort they put in."

Swift Current celebrates Centennial Day in gala fashion

She admittedly was wowed by the live performance which encapsulated Swift Current's century long Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk history.

Schafer felt the spirit of volunteerism which has driven the community over the years is a major factor in Swift Current's success.

Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

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