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Mens Skechers

Mens Skechers

Mens Skechers

Mens Skechers

Alas, my suitcase is staying put, remaining zipped, left only with the empty shampoo container from my last journey to, well, Scituate, Mass. I have, however, recently been given the opportunity to help with the Mens Skechers d of St. Mary Academy's annual auction, the theme of which just happens to be "Travel."

Mens Skechers

Oh, but that this "Budget Vogue" fashionista were packing for a quick jaunt to Hawaii, to Aruba, to Miami. What would I pack? A great book, new pajamas, a tea cup, khaki shorts, a T shirt. There I'd be done.

Hats are always fun for travel. I love the thought of a good watch cap or sun hat to hide a plethora of matted hair. Not only that, I can feign fame and make an attempt to hide from the paparazzi.

Mens Skechers

Susan Dromey Heeter's Budget Vogue

Mens Skechers

Thrift shops are simply the best for local goods and such a part of the exploration of local fare. "Here, look! I found you something vintage!" Works every time.

Exquisite. They're the perfect traveling companion those old hands ticking, leisurely, as if they, too, are on vacation. And so what if the time isn't accurate? We're on island time, baby.

When I think of travel, I'm reminded of a friend who told me that when she traveled in the 1960s, it was always in white gloves and a pill box hat. I love the idea of dressing for the journey. It's part of the thrill, part of the pleasure, part of the escape.

I do love those travel clocks. Nothing like a good Timex by your bedside, ticking away in your unfamiliar digs. A cell phone just isn't the same, and the way those travel clocks just curl up and close so neatly in their leather homes? Mbt Shoes Store Locator Uk

Mens Skechers

Mens Skechers

"One of life's greatest pleasures is packing a suitcase."

Ah, just in the idea of packing, there is so much pleasure. Simply imagining a towel on the beach, gloveless hands, the sound of warm surf that alone makes this February a bit lighter, this winter a little less harsh.

reputation as owner and scavenger of vintage accessories precedes me, I am on the decoration committee. And, of course, I am loving every second. So far, I've put together some of my own vintage travel goods an estate found suitcase complete with someone else's initials, white leather gloves I scored recently from Fair Tide in Kittery, Maine, and several Vans Atwood Hi

Mens Skechers

Travel takes us out of ourselves physically, emotionally and, yes, financially. On that same journey to Michigan, one of my favorite hikes was to the ever fabulous NuWay thrift shop in Kalamazoo. It was there I scored two hooded Michigan sweatshirts for my lovely daughters. My budget for souvenirs remained intact.

Make that "Vintage Travel," to be precise. Next month, the Regatta Ballroom in Eliot, Maine, will be transformed into a place of travel of yesteryear. And, yes, because my Vans Gold Coast

Poet James Longenbach

travel clocks.

May you, dear "Budget Vogue" readers, stay safe in all your travels whether to Spain, Florida or the local Market Basket. Pack what brings you warmth, what keeps you safe, what makes you breathe a little easier the glow of an Andalusian sunset, the lapping of the Gulf surf or the aroma of the baked chickens.

I once wore a vintage cowboy hat on the entire ride from Michigan back to New England. Somehow it gave me the essence of Marlboro Man. And I was no longer the mom trying to ignore her children in the back of the van; I was, instead, the cowgirl on the plains, alone with her horse by the campfire.

Mens Skechers

Mens Skechers

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