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visited is one where parents freely choose their kids school or kindergarten, where they only need to present a school or kindergarten voucher.

The Sweden I Vans Red Gum Sole

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

Don get me wrong.

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

A patient pays 100 Krona the equivalent of Mbt Black Leather Boots

around $16.25 to see a doctor.

While the state is still often paying the bill, the services are delivered by public or private providers who need to earn the satisfaction of consumers, parents and patients.

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

Long live the Swedish model!

They can send their kids to a public or private school, be it close or far from home, that offers music, sports, language, computer or science programs.

Railways, airlines and pharmaceutical industries, as well as telecommunications, public transit, taxi cabs and even the post, to name a few services, have been totally or partially deregulated or privatized.

Private businesses built for profit hospitals, senior care housing, clinics, schools and kindergartens, while saving taxpayers money and offering better quality services than the public sector.

Well, after spending a few days last month in the country of the Viking, I have come to appreciate the Scandinavian political system, which is going to surprise many.

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

When markets underperform, instead of sending the bill to the next generation as we always do in Canada, pension benefits drop, which is what happened last year during the European economic crisis.

The first breakthrough came in the education system where parents wanted and won the freedom to choose their children school. Today, almost half of Swedish parents choose a different school for their kids than the one that would have been school board mandated in the old system.

The first country in the world Vans Trainers Sale

Swedes began a series of reforms, however, when the country plunged into a severe economic crisis at the beginning of the when public spending reached an astronomic 67% of the GDP while the quality of public services declined.

Modern Sweden is not a minimal state, heaven of libertarians. Interventionism is still alive and well: Taxpayers still pay 45% of their income in taxes.

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The proportion of employees paying union dues went from 86% in 1995 to less than 70% today. Each worker is free to be a union member or not, to pay or not to pay union dues. There is no such thing as a Rand formula.

Citizens went from being passive beneficiaries of public monopolies to consumers free to choose.

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

to have a universal public pension plan, Sweden today has a mixed system where part of the money goes into a common pot, like here with our Canadian Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists Pension Plan, and the other part into a kind of personal RRSP to which employees and employers both contribute.

The public debt is under control at less than 40% of the GDP, notwithstanding the fact that income taxes were lowered by 15% over the last seven years.

You never thought you hear me praise the Swedish model so often lauded by the left.

Swedish for common sense

Social democrats tried to hold on to their ideals while shedding their illusions.

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

Mbt Sandals Uk Stockists

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