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And that's also a reason why a new color on Vans Grey Sneakers

At Ford, the company has entrusted Leo Trevino, who runs his family's 90 year old leather business in Monterrey, Mexico, with developing new leather themes and spotting interior trends.

Skechers Knit Fit

Ford's orange and red or mesquite theme in the F 150 King Ranch edition, for instance, resonates with truck buyers in the Southwest. But those same colors do not play as well in the Midwest.

"The luxury brands used to be the ones with leather and a lot of features," he said. "The challenge is to bring more content standard. If the automakers can't price for it, they are going to lose profitability."

Skechers Knit Fit

"I think the customer now is really accepting the price point for the leather," said Susan Sage, Ford design manager. "Wherever we can, depending on tooling, who knows in the future how much more we'll be there."

"A lot of people do spend a lot of time in their cars, more and more every year, so they want nicer seats, new technology, the creature features," said Larry Dominique, executive vice president of pricing and auto information website TrueCar.

Luxurious interiors are becoming a top factor in luring car and truck buyers while increasing profit margins for automakers. Power Associates survey, which found a greater percentage of consumers will buy an unreliable vehicle than one with an interior design they perceive as unattractive.

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"We're not going to put that color in a truck; it's too polarizing," Trevino said. "But if you're able to add a hint, the market realizes you are in the ballgame without going overboard."

It's all in the name of profits. Dominique, a former Nissan Motor Co. executive, says leather wrapped interiors and ambient lighting can provide automakers a profit margin boost of four to six percentage points.

"I think for the average consumer . they've allotted for that (tax increase)," Ford CFO Bob Vans Trainers Grey

to what techies are trying to accomplish with automobiles: Pinpointing trends that start outside the vehicle and adapting them for the in car experience.

Automakers aren't taking the interiors game lightly.

Ford Motor Co. late last year introduced an F 150 Limited pickup model, complete with red and black full grain leather trimmed seats, adjustable head restraints and a variety of ambient lighting colors. General Motors Co. is planning refinements, including material changes, in its next generation SUVs.

Skechers Knit Fit

Shanks said at the North American International Auto Show last week.

But for automakers, the more offerings they present consumers, the more consumers are willing to pony up the extra money from Skechers Knit Fit a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the package for added comforts, particularly leather.

To do so, Trevino and his staff spend a lot of their time attending worldwide fashion shows. They watch for the latest trends in shoes, handbags, furniture and briefcases, to name a few.

Automakers are so intently focused on interior options that company and supplier executives say they'll cut elsewhere if they need to shed overall cost.

Skechers Knit Fit

Skechers Knit Fit

Skechers Knit Fit

Skechers Knit Fit

Skechers Knit Fit

the fashion horizon eggplant isn't likely to play a prominent role in pickups.

Skechers Knit Fit

Skechers Knit Fit

´╗┐Targeting car buyers from the inside

Skechers Knit Fit

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