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Any organization has room for making improvement, the city being no exception, and I have my own list of possible improvements. However, I remain taken aback by the tone of Mr. Peltier letter, and I know he is not alone in his views.

Let me first put in a good word for the city operators and Skechers Knit Slip On

all its citizens. Our economy is based on externalizing costs. One of those is the cost of dealing with the vast amounts of garbage we create.

As regards the condition of the roads in country residential The complaints are coming from people who have chosen to live far from town, where the ratio of roads to people (and tax dollars) far exceeds that in urban parts of town. What the pot hole fixers are essentially asking is that the tax dollars of the densely populated parts of the city subsidize their lifestyle choice. If you were paying 5 10 times the taxes of a lot in Riverdale, then perhaps you have a solid soapbox to stand on.

´╗┐sustainability efforts

transportation supervisors. In my experience of working with them professionally, and as a tax paying resident of Cowley Creek, I can only say that to a person, I have found the city heavy equipment operators and supervisors to be highly competent and skilled craftspeople, who take pride in the work they do. They are eager to do a good job at all times, to be efficient and safe.

That is leadership with a long term view, way past the next election cycle, with an eye on future generations. That means that we have to foot the bill now.

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Too bad it unpopular with some. My vote is for our future generations, and the City of Whitehorse people who are paving the way for them. Extending the life of the current landfill will save Whitehorse money in the long run. New landfill sites are mind bogglingly expensive. For example, in order to prevent landfill leachate from getting into groundwater (and possibly getting sucked up into drinking water wells), you need to seal the bottom of a landfill cell, and that not cheap. Incidentally, those rotting tomatoes are a good source of the organic acid that creates the heavy metal laden leachate, so it a bonus if we can keep them out of the landfill altogether. So, don just complain about the cost of something without looking at what it saving.

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is simply wrong, borne of ignorance, and highly offensive. The city equipment operators and supervisors are required to do more work with less resources in an escalating spiral, by us taxpayers. This creates stress, and is only compounded by the lack of understanding encumbering Mr. Peltier and other citizens prone to outrage and complaint.

Far from a bleeding heart ol Josey is, but when I learned of the cost of a facility to keep compost composting throughout the winter made me wish to spew.

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Mr. Peltier assertion that they are incompetent Mbt Shoes Online Store

Like it or not, that garbage has to land somewhere, and the city has to deal with it, and as taxpayers, we have to pay for it now, and like Faro, in perpetuity. Our city leadership could easily spend money on populist road building projects for a privileged few (aren we all?), but they have chosen to make sure that our children, and their children and so on, will not be burdened with the cost of cleaning up after our generation of wastrels has passed on.

I believe the reason we do not have four inches of smooth blacktop running up to our front doors in rural residential areas is due to one simple concept: leadership.

On the other hand, the city has to clean up after Mbt Mens Sandals Uk

Why you may ask? okay I tell you anyway I see folks in this town with real issues and real problems wandering all over town. Maybe they are homeless, or just on a Mbt Sandals Ebay binge whatever, but my CoW has over a million dollars to keep compost warm and YOU employed to babysit it?

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I think that mere one example STAND ALONE shameful enough that I can and will call you a eco zealot that too even with a job in industry

One of the few places in Canada and North America where one can find genuine leadership is right here in Whitehorse. Successive councils, with administrative support, have had the spine to make some very difficult decisions. I find our roads in Cowley Creek to be perfectly adequate, especially considering the very low volume of traffic on them. To rebuild and repave is impractical, and will only benefit very few.

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Hey Garret, I get your defending ideal I really do. To make my point I will use but one example, the very facility you

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