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"There are economic costs for developers but estate agents show you can recoup that in terms of the prices you can charge.

the weekend.

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Mbt Mens Shoes

THERE may be a boom in city centre apartments in Sheffield, but those in the know are flooding to buy ones overlooking water.

"Traditional metal trade industries are either dying out or moving to more modern premises but fortunately the area has the advantage of a riverside location."

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Prof Spencer said there is definitely evidence of nature relaxing people.

And last week The Raven Group announced its plans to build 131 apartments, accommodation for 750 students, an office complex and bars and restaurants at Kelham Island by the River Don.

Prof Spencer explained: "The tests involved a picture on a computer of a countryside scene then changing the image to generate one with water.

Mbt Mens Shoes

Mbt Mens Shoes

But Prof Spencer said it must be the right kind of water.

"It's been a hunch for a long time and now tests with people in real settings or with pictures show us it really is provable."

Mbt Mens Shoes

Prof Christopher Spencer, of Sheffield University's environmental psychology department, said: "There is quite a strong truth in the theory that we love being by water.

'work hard play hard' mentality means people feel real pressure to make the most of their leisure time by booking it up with social activities and hobbies, yet less than one in three feel relaxed, refreshed and look forward to the week ahead after Mbt Shoes Jambo Red

Developers have cottoned on to this and Sheffield, with plenty of rivers, is fast becoming a hotspot for developers keen to utilise any spare riverside land.

"It has to be natural. Concentrating on a water tank won't work but a fountain does have an effect, even though it's man made," he said.

Tales from the riverbank reveal how water helps wash away inner city stress

"Water isn't just essential for us to function physically, it's vital for our mental well being too."

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A 'Water For Life' study reckons people should abandon shopping and DIY at the weekends and instead spend time 'messing about by a river'.

"If you come home from the office after a hard day there is some truth that a natural scene is more restoring than looking at a building," he said.

"Our research shows there's a definite need to start enjoying one of the best natural resources Mbt Shoes Home Website

Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman says: "The Mbt Women's Sandals Kisumu

on our doorstep our waterways.

"People do prefer being by it for leisure and there's a possibility they also prefer living scenes with water.

"Land becomes much more leasable in cities where it Mbt Mens Shoes has been developed by water."

Mbt Mens Shoes

"Psychologists have started a system of testing whether some of these assumptions about water are true.

Already there have been schemes such as the Riverside Exchange, a complex of apartments and offices at Spitalfields, and the Ward's Brewery apartments on Ecclesall Road. Councillors have also been working hard to open up the riverside for the Five Weirs Walk.

DEVELOPERS are snapping up riverside land in Sheffield amid research that living by water is good for your well being. Lucy Ashton dips into the facts and theories.

It's not just living by water which improves your health. According to Waterscope, an internet guide to waterways, getting back to nature in your leisure time can also boost your mental and physical health.

Mbt Mens Shoes

In a report to Sheffield's planning department, the developers say: "Kelham has undergone substantial change.

"If you give a set of these scenes to people, some with water and some without, you discover that people, without realising, will rate the scene with water higher.

Tests on volunteers found the majority picked water based scenes above those without water a lot of the time.

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"You can see it in people's stress levels. If you take people for a walk in urban and natural environments you can measure a change in their blood pressure levels so it's quite scientific."

Mbt Mens Shoes

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