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Vans Red And White

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Vans Red And White


"It may begin vigourously or delicately, often with a graphite drawing of one aspect of a person or place," Uman Sures described.

"I was taken to great museums as an infant and until age five lived in New York, where I was able to see great work from many cultures and periods. My father did illustration for The New Yorker and my mother, who studied with Zorach, began doing fashion illustration.

Gallery begins a new season

"Quality of the marks is extremely important, whatever the medium. I genuinely believe and practice: every mark counts."

Asked how her style had changed over the years, she denied having any intentional formula.

She has worked professionally as an art director, designer and children's book illustrator. She has taught painting, drawing and design history in the Canadian prairies as well as at OCAD. Her diverse interests have led her to study Japanese brush work in Kyoto, Japan and French language and culture at The Sorbonne in Paris.

The impulse to work can hit at any time, and it can proceed through the use of a live model, drawings previously done from live models, photographs or even simple invention.

Vans Red And White

With paintings in private collections across North America, as well as in France, Uman Sures's work can also be seen in books, film, advertising and galleries.

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Vans Red And White

Vans Red And White

"Literature, foreign film, travel, theatre, design, architecture, craft, music and encounters with art and artists have all fed my awareness of form and media."

Vans Red And White

"I was lucky to have two artist parents who encouraged my interests and educated me in art from an early age," the artist said in a recent press release.

Vans Red And White

Her favourite place to work is an empty studios whose windows open on to interesting landscapes, but she can be inspired by simple ideas that suggest themselves when she sees surfaces whose colour and texture and size invite being worked on.

"If the drawing feels right and I can connect with it, I may introduce paint or ink to that Vans Red And White area or just move my attention to other parts of the format.

"This gives visitors the opportunity to learn something about the artist's creative process, hear about the thoughts and ideas that go into making art and the influences and inspirations that stir the heart and hand of an artist," gallery owner Pamela Tate said.

new at the Tate Gallery this year is the selection of unique and beautiful gifts being offered, ideal for a special wedding or birthday gift, or as a token reminder of you to someone special.

"It is an invitation to share in the mystery and excitement of art Vans Ladies High Tops

Vans Red And White

Vans Red And White

"And it provides an opportunity for guests to ask questions and perhaps to reflect on the work in a whole different way, to engage in a more meaningful dialogue with the art they are seeing and to appreciate how various forms of art come into being.

Vans Red And White

"Each image has its own life and process, and I do not try to make them according to an already existing pattern," she stated. on the day of each opening reception.

Vans Red And White

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