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long list of contentious issues that have made cooperation between the countries a trying endeavor, even though Obama points to successes early in his presidency on nuclear stockpile reduction and trading regulations. More recently, the two have butted heads over missile defense, human rights and other issues.

"My credibility is not on the line. The international community's credibility is on the line," Obama said Wednesday at news Vans Orange Sneakers conference in Stockholm. has alleged.

At the top of his meeting with Abe, Obama said the two leaders would discuss Syria as well as their continued concerns about the nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the importance of North Korea abiding by international law. But he said their primary focus would be on the economy and how they can improve jobs and growth.

XVI Gustaf at Sweden's Royal Palace.

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"President Obama hasn't been elected by the American people in order to be pleasant to Russia," Putin said. was "highly skeptical" that Russia would act differently if the Security Council were to take up the Syria issue again. Secretary of State John Kerry, whom he accused of whitewashing ties between al Qaida and some rebel groups in Syria.

Obama will call attention to one such area of disagreement gay rights when he meets Friday in St. Petersburg with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists.

Obama on Thursday began a two day visit to St. Petersburg for the Group of 20 economic summit, putting him in the same country as Edward Snowden for the first time since the American fugitive fled to Moscow earlier this year.

"This will not be easy," Obama said in Moscow. "It's hard to change habits that have been ingrained in our governments and our bureaucracies for decades."

Stepping out of his armored limousine at the arrival ceremony, Obama greeted Putin with a few brief words and a grip of the hands. Turning to the waiting cameras, Obama cracked a wide grin before entering the ornate Constantine Palace. Praising the beauty of the palace, Obama thanked his host, who smiled at the American leader.

Indeed, it hasn't been easy. The crisis in Syria joins a Skechers Energy White

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In an ironic twist for Obama, the nation hosting the summit is also the nation most forcefully obstructing Obama's path to an international consensus. Security Council to keep a resolution condemning Syria from getting off the ground. At the same time, Obama has had little success enticing individual nations to join the effort.

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After calling off the meeting with Putin, Obama decided instead to visit Sweden, where he met Wednesday with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and other Nordic leaders. He wrapped up his visit Thursday with a meeting with King Carl Vans Grey Gum Sole

The White House went out of its way to say that while the two would cross paths at various meetings, Obama would not be meeting one on one with the Russian leader during his stay in St. Petersburg. officials were resigned to the fact that the bloody civil war there surely would overwhelm any talks about global economics.

Such comments reflected a serious deterioration of relations since the summer of 2009 when Obama, on his last visit Skechers High Cut Shoes

Shortly after his arrival in St. Petersburg, Obama met on the summit's sidelines with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He planned similar meetings Friday with the leaders of France and China.

"He is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad," Putin said.

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Complicating Obama's efforts to present a united front on Syria is the raging debate in Congress over whether to approve a strike a debate Obama invited when he abruptly decided Saturday to seek congressional approval amid deep concerns from both parties. Some lawmakers view Obama as trying to preserve his own credibility after issuing an ultimatum to Assad last year against using chemical weapons.

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He also played down any personal tensions with Obama while acknowledging the parsing of the body language that's become a geopolitical parlor game every time the two leaders meet.

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Vans Orange Sneakers

Syria looms large with Obama

Vans Orange Sneakers

to Russia, trumpeted a "reset" in relations between the former Cold War foes.

The lead up to Obama's arrival at the G 20 was notable not for what he did, but for what he didn't do: visit Moscow. surveillance programs and leaking them to the media.

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