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Have all employees been properly trained on the use of the electronic delivery system?

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"If it comes down to Mbt Shoes Wide Width

Do all employees have access to the required delivery system?

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Some companies have solved the problem through the use of a digital signature, an electronic means of document authentication. Others may ask employees to Mbt Shoes Clearance Sandals

How will field or satellite employees access the information?

What accommodations will be needed for employees with mental or visual impairments?

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the rise of digital media.

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Once a dusty tome, seldom seen and rarely referenced, the employee handbook is enjoying a resurgence of visibility thanks to Mbt Shoes Sale Amazon

Switch to digital employee handbooks makes company policies more accessible

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The change in format has a practical aspect. The usefulness of old handbooks has been limited by their sheer physical dimensions. "I have had people hand me a handbook that was 100 pages long. Even our average handbook is 30 to 35 pages," said Renee McNally, president of consultancy HR Solutions in Bel Air. "That's too much for people to wade through."

Whatever means one may use, securing such acknowledgement is vital, experts say.

That acknowledgement, however, is one of the sticking points some employers encounter on the way to a digital handbook.

"Not everyone has the same access to technology. They may not have the same comfort level. For some Vans Authentic On Feet people they need to see a piece of paper," said Joey V. Price, CEO of consultancy Jumpstart:HR in Columbia. "So, you have to be mindful of all your employees, including the ones who are not as tech savvy. If you change a policy, you want to be sure that everybody sees it."

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disciplinary action or a court case, you have to be able to prove that people have received that handbook," McNally said.

What security measures will be needed?

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Digital handbooks are easier to update. Rather than changing a policy on, say, Page 96 and distributing a few hundred freshly revised pages, HR managers can make the change online and ask employees to acknowledge they have read it.

"Publication of employee handbooks on employer intranet sites appears to be becoming more commonplace," said Paul Finamore, a partner in the litigation department at Baltimore based Niles, Barton Wilmer LLP.

To take their employee manuals digital, employers must ask themselves a number of questions, according to the Society for Human Resource Management:

In an era of environmental awareness, an electronic handbook can help a company demonstrate a commitment to green issues. But that's just one reason for moving the HR policy volume to the intranet.

The days of the 3 inch thick white plastic doorstop are fading. Fast.

How will policy changes/additions be communicated to employees?

The validity of a handbook rests on employees having read it, or at the very least having acknowledged that they've received it. Employers still are working out ways to secure such validation in the digital realm.

sign a paper receipt, signifying they have gotten the digital handbook.

The most significant guideline for converting to a digital handbook comes down to this: Make sure everyone gets a copy.

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