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Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

"We are looking very good," she said.

New Jersey residents driven from their homes by the storm were being given extra voting options. Displaced voters can also cast provisional ballots at any polling place in the state.

The board, which is independent of the mayor's office, has historically had problems opening all voting locations on time, even in a normal year, the mayor noted.

Just east of the city, in Nassau County, Elections Commissioner William Biamonte warned that some voting locations would have a "paramilitary look," with portable toilets, emergency lighting and voting machines running off a generator.

Monmouth County spokeswoman Laura Kirkpatrick said elections officials there had consolidated some polling locations and moved others, but expected to have working polls for all 53 municipalities come Election Day. She said the county was confident enough that it was encouraging people to vote in person, rather than scramble to file an absentee ballot by email.

As of Sunday morning, the county had 266,000 homes and business without power more than anyplace else in Skechers D'lites Pink And Black the state. Some 30 to 40 polling locations, out of 375 in the county, were expected to be changed because of storm problems.

Kirkpatrick said officials were somewhat concerned that residents might misunderstand the email voting option and try casting write in ballots by sending messages to election officials, rather than go through the formal process of obtaining, signing and scanning an official ballot.

Some New York City leaders remained worried. Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted that the polling place changes would affect some 143,000 New Yorkers. There were concerns about whether some poll workers might fail to show up, and as of Sunday night, the city's voting information hotline was down.

John Conklin, a spokesman for the New York Board of Elections, said some counties were training additional poll workers. The companies that make the state's electronic voting machines had sent scores of generators from other parts of the country to ensure enough power. And each polling location will be able to switch to paper ballots, if there is an unexpected loss of power on Election Day.

´╗┐Superstorm Sandy threatens to influence elections

Organizers expressed guarded confidence Sunday that the presidential vote will proceed with no major disruptions in most areas hit by the storm, though it was unclear whether the preparations would be enough to avoid depressed turnout in communities where people still lack power or have been driven from their damaged homes.

Of the 1,256 polling locations in New York City, only 59 needed to be moved or closed, said Valerie Vazquez, a spokeswoman for the city's Board of Elections. Most were in coastal areas of Brooklyn and Queens or other neighborhoods where buildings normally used for voting had been turned into shelters. In a few places, voters will be casting their ballots in tents, and some might be offered shuttle buses to get to polling spots moved miles from their homes.

expect that the problems would keep large numbers of people from casting ballots.

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

their biggest challenges.

But with two days to go until Election Day, officials in both states said Sunday that they were overcoming many of Skechers Burst Women

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

Some voters will be casting ballots in places different from their usual polls. Residents of the devastated borough of Sea Bright, on the New Jersey shore, will have to drive two towns over to vote.

Yet for some residents of the hardest hit areas, the hassle of having to travel even a few miles to find an open polling place was likely to be one burden too many.

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

hoped to vote but couldn't guarantee he would have the energy or the time.

"Over the next day, it's going to be critical that the Board of Elections communicate this new information to their poll workers," he said.

"I think people will be voting in less than optimal situations, but they will not be voting in a way that disenfranchises them," Biamonte said.

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

On Staten Island, where two polling locations were being relocated due to storm problems, bus driver Jim Holden said the election should be postponed.

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

William Agosto, who lost everything he owned when his basement apartment in the Far Rockaway area of Queens flooded, said he Mbt

"People can't get out to vote. Half these cars are under water," he said.

Hundreds of emergency generators have been rushed into place to ensure power at polling places, even if the neighborhoods around them are still dark. Electric utilities were putting a priority on restoring power to others and had assured election officials they would be up and running by Monday.

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

"I'm going to try," he said, clutching a garbage bag filled with donated clothing. "I have so much on my mind. What I'm going through, it's too much."

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Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

Skechers D'lites Pink And Black

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