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might leak, because they much thinner and only serve as a back up instead of something that fills up with blood/lining and smells awful.

Same as for you and Akasha I only use tampons when swimming. For me, the issue is mainly convenience:

´╗┐Tampons or pads

anyway onto my underpants during the process of changing the tampon. So if I going to be wearing a pantyliner anyway with my tampon, I might as well use a pad and be done with it.

Are there any pros/cons to using pads and or Tampons? What are the pros/cons of using pads/Tampons. before, pads/Tampons people used cloth pads.

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Which should you use Tampons or pads? Which should you use Tampons or pads?

Tampons or maxi pads? What are the pros and cons of using Tampons or maxi pads? is one better than the other?

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Dad period buying pads My mom is sick and i started my period i use pads i have 2 Tampons but i am nervous i have.

out. That uncomfortable as well, so I will use a pad when my period not over but isn very heavy either.

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Personally I use tampons and liners because I simply feel cleaner since I not sitting in the mess. It also is nice if you are up and active because you don have the feeling of everything draining out of you. For me, it is just more comfortable not to have that feeling.

I was using strictly pads for a long time, but I found that it was chafing too much, and that why I went to using tampons for at least half my period, and I been more comfortable ever since.

1. You can actually SEE whether or not your pad needs to be changed early, whenever you go to the bathroom. In contrast, you just have to guess when it time to change a tampon.

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

For me, it depends at what point I am during my period.

3. With a tampon, I notice that on heavy days I get a little bit of messy leakage Skechers Running Shoes For Female

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Like the asker of this Q, I too am in my late 30 I have never understood why so many women like to use tampons, but each person to their own. It a personal decision. My female relatives and friends use tampons, but I only use them when swimming.

I do use the pads toward the end of my period, because I find that if a tampon is not full, it often difficult to pull out and I have to soak in the tub for a while or something to get it Vans Old Skool Black Gum

When my flow is very heavy, usually at the beginning of my period, I prefer to use tampons, especially over night. I have had too many accidents over night where a pad overflowed onto my bed and everything. Therefore, I started using the super plus tampons at night and haven had any problems since.

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

However, if I hitting the very beginning or the end of my period, and it is really light, I will only use a pad since it just isn wet enough to use a tampon without it being a bit painful.

Is it normal to bleed for over a month after getting your tubes tied? After my third child i git my tubes tied and i was told to wait 14 days to have sex or use.

However: as someone who is not fond of inserting tampons, I do recommend the Tampax Pearl tampons Mbt Footwear Chatswood regular tampons with a plastic applicator as opposed to cardboard applicator. In my opinion, they are the easiest to insert. They used to have a Slender size / Teen size which is comfortable to insert but I haven seen that around lately, so I don know if they still make it. I find pads tend to bunch up or peel away in places, causing leaks. They also get smelly or uncomfortable as they fill up, and if you can get to a bathroom to change them right away it can be extremely uncomfortable. I also constantly aware of them, as if I was wearing a diaper. Tampons are very easy to just put in and forget until they need to be changed. You don feel them bunched up in your underwear, they rarely leak for me, you don have a pool of uterus lining collecting between your legs all day because it being absorbed inside until you ready to change your tampon, you don feel like you wearing a diaper, and you can just pull them out and flush them, instead of needing to deal with a bloody mess of a pad to throw away and smell in your garbage can. I never wear pads, but sometimes wear panty liners on very heavy days when my tampon Skechers Boys Equalizer

2. Pads make for faster changing as a busy person, I actually change my pad WHILE I peeing (yes, while I sitting on the toilet and pee is coming out). You can do that with a tampon! So it faster to change a pad than a tampon.

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

Mbt Footwear Chatswood

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