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Unicity Taxi president Gurmail Mangat said Wednesday that he's written to the board to inform them the company still has concerns about installing full shields to protect its drivers, and isn't prepared to meet a Jan. 25 deadline to have them installed.

"Their concerns have been investigated and found not to be concerns. Enough already," Buckley said. "This is about Mr. Mangat and Unicity politics challenging the board. It's a game and it's a very dangerous one because somebody's going to get killed."

"It doesn't matter what kind of shields we put in the car, incidents will happen," he said.

"I don't Mbt Shoes Vancouver Bc

Dhaliwal said he's waiting to hear from Duffy's about installing the new shields. A call to the company was not returned Wednesday, although Buckley said he hasn't received any indication Duffy's won't comply. Buckley said Winnipeg's third largest cab company, Spring Taxi, has already installed full shields in its entire fleet.

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Mangat said board members "didn't do their homework" on the new shields, which he said are hard on a driver's posture, hinder air circulation inside the car and prevent drivers from hearing what their back seat passengers are saying.

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Vans Leather Authentic

Taxi tangle triggered

"We cannot move our seat back and forward. We're Skechers Outdoor

like that shield," he said. "I've been driving 10 years in the city and I've never had any problems. I'm happy with this (current shield)."

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A showdown is looming between Winnipeg's largest cab company and the Manitoba Taxicab Board.

Buckley said the board is sticking to the deadline and will enforce violations if need be.

sitting at 90 degrees. It's hard on the back, knees and feet," he said.

Mangat said he's happy with Vans Leather Authentic the smaller shields Unicity has now and doesn't think larger ones will offer any more safety to drivers.

Vans Leather Authentic

Vans Leather Authentic

"It's a provincial offence and they'll be pulled off the road," he said. Vans Shoes Women

"If they comply they'll be put back on the road."

Duffy's Taxi driver Iqbal Dhaliwal, whom the Winnipeg Sun caught up with Wednesday, said installing a full shield will cost him more than $1,000 out of pocket, and he isn't keen on the shields in the first place because he believes they would hinder his movement.

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Bruce Buckley, chairman of the taxicab board, said the board has already extended the installation deadline twice due to safety concerns about offering L shaped shields as an option concerns that turned out to be valid, according to an engineer's report. But Buckley said it's a good compromise to mandate the full shields and allow drivers to decide if they want a front seat passenger. He said he doesn't believe Mangat's concerns about the full shield are valid.

Vans Leather Authentic

Vans Leather Authentic

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