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One day, when he went to town with his mother, a woman he did not know smiled at him and winked, he said. That little recognition of him as a valuable human was a "defining" encounter, he said.

State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education member Russ Meyer encouraged the graduates to "inspire those around you," noting that the students had accomplished something that no one could take away from them.

The morning started out with the procession, accompanied by music from the MCC Platte Valley Band, the posting of the colors by Fort Morgan Boy Scout Troop No. 22 and singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" Mbt Kisumu 2 White

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Surbeck challenged his fellow graduates to "see" Mbt Kisumu White 38 1/3

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

those around them, and make a difference for others.

That simple regard literally comforted and inspired him for decades, he said.

"I can tell you that MCC is second to none," Surbeck said.

´╗┐Support essential for students

that the graduates had been fortunate to attend MCC. He said that he had spent the last few months at another educational institution and "we have it good here at MCC."

MCC Faculty of the Year Ken Harrell told the graduates that they must keep learning in order to keep up in the world. Careers require continuing education, and learning new concepts and new technologies.

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Meyer noted that the Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia graduates had joined the ranks of some of the most successful people in society who had also graduated from community colleges. Those include Walt Disney, George Lucas, Calvin Klein and Ross Perot.

"She saw me . She looked at me . She gave me that wink," Surbeck said.

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Hart encouraged the graduates to strive for ideals and values that give life meaning.

He also told them that they needed to have a strong work ethic in order to shine out among others.

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Having a small school is a special thing, he noted, because instructors are available to consult.

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

Durbin warned the graduates that "those who stop learning are old," quoting Henry Ford.

MCC President Kerry Hart said that completing their studies required the support of students' families and friends, as well as the faculty, staff and other students at MCC. Without that help, they could not have been successful.

Surbeck also said Mbt Kisumu 40 1/3

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

After the speeches, graduates came up to the stage to receive their diplomas and certificates, congratulated by members of the advisory council, MCC Vice President of Instruction Betty McKie, Vice President of Administration and Finance Susan Clough and Hart.

by Jason Waters.

He thanked the graduates for all that they had done to help him make it to graduation.

There were times when he had wondered if such a small college could prepare him for a university, and he has learned the material he studied had prepared him for the next academic step.

Cheap Mbt Shoes Australia

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