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"Net of the deductible, Larry Ellison will come out better than me," she said, referring to the billionaire co founder of Oracle Corp. "It's a fabulous deal for the wealthy."

Mbt Shoes Store London

Mbt Shoes Store London

Net result: State revenues would increase by $91, and the couple would pay $14 less in total taxes. Everyone would win except for Uncle Sam. Palmer, the Democrats' analysis is based on "a point in time" assessment with that point being at a time when income taxes and vehicle license fees have been temporarily increased. Those increases Mbt Shoes Buy

The proposed changes would have the effect of flattening income tax rates in California, an idea that was promoted by the tax reform commission championed by Schwarzenegger last year.

Mbt Shoes Store London

Mbt Shoes Store London

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D Sacramento, said Democrats chose not to propose an increase in the top tax bracket in large part to satisfy Schwarzenegger's desire for tax reform that would reduce the volatility of state revenues.

Ross, whose organization advocates for policies that benefit low and middle income families, believes it is "appropriate for states to raise revenues to balance their budgets. But it should be targeted to the high end of income distribution. This doesn't do that."

That means, Palmer said, a portion of the Democrats' projections of tax savings "take credit for something that's going to happen on the natural."

Mbt Shoes Store London

Mbt Shoes Store London

Mbt Shoes Store London

One of the big reasons Mbt Shoes Lawsuit

Other critics note that any tax savings would depend on whether an individual itemizes deductions and how much he or she spends in a given year on taxable goods.

However the numbers work out and the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office is in the process of breaking them down the key to the plan is to take maximum advantage of the fact that some state taxes are deductible from federal income taxes and others are not.

That's the question being discussed in California's Capitol after legislative Democrats rolled out their sounds too good to be true Mbt Shoes Store London proposal last week that purports to reduce the total tax payments of nearly all Californians, while at the same time generating an additional $1.8 billion in state tax revenue to help balance the state budget.

Jean Ross, executive director of the nonpartisan California Budget Project, said the Democrats' plan would make the tax situation "worse in the middle" but that it would be "a great deal for the wealthy."

Mbt Shoes Store London

are scheduled to go off the books next year.

Not only do nearly all wealthy taxpayers itemize deductions, but since they are in the top tax bracket they get the greatest value for their deductions. In addition, she noted, the Democrats' plan proposes to leave the state's top tax bracket unchanged at 9.55 percent. That percentage kicks in on all taxable income in excess of $92,698 for a married couple.

for swings in state tax revenue is that so much of it is dependent upon income taxes from the wealthy, whose incomes are largely based on capital gains that fluctuate dramatically with economic cycles.

SACRAMENTO How is it possible to increase state revenue, hike personal income tax rates, raise the vehicle license fee and reduce everyone's taxes at the same time?

Say a married couple has a household income of $100,000 and a car with a depreciated value of $20,000. After deductions for state and local taxes, mortgage interest and charitable contributions, they might have a taxable income of $60,000. That couple would now pay $1,883 in state income taxes. They would pay $600 more in state income taxes under the proposed 1 percent increase in rates, plus $100 in additional vehicle license fees, for a combined $700 increase in state taxes.

By increasing the state income tax and the vehicle license fee, which can be deducted from taxable federal income, and reducing the sales tax, which cannot, the Democrats' plan would essentially redirect to Sacramento nearly $2 billion in taxes that now go to the IRS each year and, based on their analysis, leave enough left over so that individuals will pay slightly less in combined taxes.

Mbt Shoes Store London

He proposes to close the $4 billion by cuts that include slashing social service programs and reducing funding for education. Democrats are seeking about $4 billion in new tax revenue, which would also include suspending business tax breaks scheduled to take effect next year and imposing a new tax on oil extracted from state wells.

That additional $700 deduction would mean they would pay $105 less in federal income taxes. Assuming they spent 3.5 percent of their adjusted gross income on sales taxes, the proposed sales tax reduction would save them about $609 on the year.

The percentage varies dramatically depending on income levels: Just 16.5 percent of those with taxable incomes less than $50,000 itemize deductions, while 98 percent of those with incomes more than $200,000 do so.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger disputes the claim, saying the actual effect would be to increase taxes on everyone but those on bottom and top of the income ladder.

IRS data show only 37 percent of California's 17.6 million tax filers itemize deductions. Skechers Burst Air Cooled Memory Foam

Mbt Shoes Store London

tax plan met with doubt

The administration calculates that in 2012, the first full year of the plan after the state's temporary tax increases expire, that couple with the $60,000 taxable income would pay a quarter percent more in total taxes. "At the end of the day," Palmer said, "this is a tax increase."

The state is now 41 days into the fiscal year without an approved budget. Schwarzenegger said last week that he and legislative leaders have not yet agreed on the final $4 billion needed to close a $19 billion shortfall.

Mbt Shoes Store London

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