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Vans Female Sneakers

Vans Female Sneakers

Vans Female Sneakers

Talk about a lucky break

Vans Female Sneakers

Kidding. But that would be something to see.

Urban legend time, (Keith, that is) the title of our saga: "A Scar is Born". Details courtesy of the Winnipeg Sun's Sandy Ehrich:

"Thanks again for your help Laurie. Sean Crawford, Manager of External Relations, MYS."

Vans Female Sneakers

Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) raffle update from Sean Crawford: "Laurie, thanks again for highlighting our raffle. The tickets sold out and we raised over $4,200 for MYS programs, including our Youth Emergency Shelter. The winner was a very happy Jo Anne Dalton.

Vans Female Sneakers

Vans Female Sneakers

Mustard for telling us about this great raffle, and my better half for bugging me to buy tickets!'

Vans Female Sneakers

do, just tell me what will.

"We are looking forward to his two shows here this weekend. We've been going to his concerts since 2004 and Sunday will mark my 20th show! He just keeps getting better and better. Sandy."

"Hey Laurie. Where do I begin? On March 31 Keith Urban's new CD Vans Female Sneakers was released and tickets went on sale for his Sept. 18 show in Calgary. In my excitement to get tickets, I tripped and fell, shattering the radial head in my right elbow.

The truth: Yesterday, all participating federal departments in the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg entered teams in the 2009 Winnipeg Bus Pull Challenge. In this photo, gorillas Frank Svistovski (3, from left) and Darren Tessmer help their team from Environment Canada pull a bus on Memorial Boulevard. The big winners, ultimately, are the United Way, Healthpartners and other registered Canadian charities. Bravo gang!

Any time. Here's Jo Anne receiving her prize from Sean (2).


"Since he's already wearing a borrowed Bomber helmet (others all too small), send over the rest of the Blue and Gold gear and he's ready to rock. I'm 6 feet tall, dwarfed also by Eric's older brother Josh. Pictured (4, from left) are Eric, me and Josh. We'll keep you posted. Ron Gross."

also like to thank Laurie Vans Sneakers For Girls

"After four days in hospital I came home with a shiny new elbow. Darryl Sterdan (also of the Sun) interviewed Keith in August, mentioned my accident and told him what a huge fan I am. Being the sweet guy Keith is, he recorded a message for me, and said he'd like to meet me. Long story short . I went backstage in Calgary on Sept. 18. I was able to take my friend Grace with me, and we both got hugs and had our picture taken with Keith (see picture No. 1). He is such a nice, genuine person.

Vans Female Sneakers

"From Jo: 'I am thrilled to win this trip and have the opportunity to take a vacation we otherwise wouldn't have been able to. It'll give us a much needed getaway from life with a new baby .

Vans Female Sneakers

"Laurie, about 12 years ago, you included a mention of my son Eric after I'd written you about his size and his birthday. You suggested the Bombers should watch this kid. Well here he is today, 14, 6 foot 5, mid to high 300 pounds, currently playing with the Kildonan East Reivers high school team.

Thanks S. So if I fall and break my elbow, will Keith's bride Nicole Kidman invite me backstage? And if an elbow won't Mbt Shoes Uk Stockists

" 'We are looking forward to being pampered! Thank you MYS! I would Mbt Black Sandals

Vans Female Sneakers

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