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Anyway, this isn a marathon story. It a story about how life rarely plays out like a well scripted movie. a story about how, in spite of that, I a hopeless optimist who believes that the next Hallmark moment is right around the corner. sitcom.

Vans Kids Girls

We found ourselves revisiting that we had already been to in the previous days. We stopped Vans Kids Girls by the Vatican. But, this time it was a late Sunday afternoon and the crowds were gone. We got to experience it in a different light. Literally and figuratively. We didn feel like scurrying tourists but like awe inspired humans who felt the greatness and the smallness of our world all at the same time.

We opted to walk back to our hotel not wanting the night be cut short by a quick bus ride. We walked along streets that we had marched down many times. But this time was different. The sidewalks were quiet and the stores were closed. The streets were lit by the rhythmic glow of old perched on top of ornate iron poles. We strolled. We talked.

Vans Kids Girls

At one point ears were with the unexpected treat of a trumpet coming some indistinguishable place. I recognized the melody but couldn place the song. It was an American song but it had a jazzy twist. I felt like we were walking in a movie. As we continued up the street, I could see the trumpeter, standing under a dim streetlight on the Vans Golden Coast

Vans Kids Girls

But then, as soon as we passed the street musician, my son broke his silence and out, sorry, but am I the only one in this group who thinks that music is really beautiful! from the mouth of the same kid who seems to get emotional after he loses when playing COD on our PS3. This from the kid who of movies when he realizes he in a flick.

There were plenty of reasons to not attempt this trip. It involved a lot of time sitting on airplanes. Family bonding time told myself. It included a couple long layovers. A perfect chance to catch up on homework, right? time change was going to be a bear. Kids can handle anything! And there was that extra day of school that they be missing. But, come on, the world could be their classroom!

sorry, I said. absolutely heard it. It beautiful. I love it, too. What did you like about it? don know, he replied. just thought it was soothing, it Vans Blue Suede

Forget that comment about me thinking the next moment was right around the corner. Whatever was around the corner now was starting to scare me.

Vans Kids Girls

My two youngest kids recently had a long weekend we leveraged into a crazy, five day trip to Italy. In addition to a little sightseeing, trip coincided with running in my marathon. By the way, I use the word with the utmost of respect for the other 15,000 participants. I am not a runner.

corner about twenty yards ahead of us. silhouette was back lit by the light of the pizzeria behind him.

We went back to Piazza Navona, our favorite people watching place and enjoyed a final pasta dinner (even surpassing Olive Garden!) with a waiter that we were sure the world bestest, kindest waiter. During dinner we talked. With passion. We all commented that the part of the trip was the moment we were in right then and there. were very that our adventure was drawing to a close.

Vans Kids Girls

Vans Kids Girls

my son said, shifting himself back to the boy I knew and loved. guess that moment kind of ruined. much for the perfect ending.

Vans Kids Girls

Vans Kids Girls

Vans Kids Girls

I seriously had plenty of reservations about all of this but ultimately decided that, in spite of all the negatives, the potential for positives on this adventure trumped everything. you might expect, the trip had both high points and low points. Low points included an entire night without sleep. family bonding time. kids on a three hour layover. much for homework. Noses turning up at food. we just pretend we at Olive Garden? about missing friends at home. me, they don you! Complaints about sharing a room as a family. I don like it either! my favorite, the claim that was to do in this magical, faraway place.

I was dumbfounded and tried my best at a to back in time to recreate that priceless scene.

as to keep from embarrassing everyone.

I was talking to my daughter at the time. I assumed my 14 year old son was, as usual, fairly oblivious to whatever it was we were talking about. I was of the beauty of the moment and our surroundings. But, as my kids will tell you, I can also have during Coke commercials. So I work hard to keep my emotions in check so Skechers Go Walk 2 Womens Shoes

But we did get our moment. was during final few hours of our last night. The marathon was over and we had the balance of a Sunday totally unscheduled. itinerary. No pre bought tickets to something that we had to hurry to. We simply had six hours to do whatever we pleased. hearts were our tour guides.

just made me feel at that moment, the trumpeter hit the sourest, flattest, wrongest, baddest, worstest note of all time. It sounded as if he had sucked the trumpet back into his lungs. A block away, we ached for the poor guy.

Vans Kids Girls

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Vans Kids Girls

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