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Work on the realignment of St Mary's Way began in May 2013, with the creation of the multi million pound new public square expected to follow later this year.

names of almost 20,000 shipyard workers of the past.

"These men and women will stand as representatives of everyone who made their contribution over the centuries to the industry that put Sunderland on the map.

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Mbt Shoes Mens Business Casual

"This is an amazing opportunity for the city to publicly recognise the history and legacy of shipbuilding on the Wear," added Janette.

Indeed, during the Second World War the yards launched 245 merchant ships winning Royal and political praise for keeping Britain supplied with essential items. But competition from overseas saw orders for Wear built ships start to tumble in the post war era. The last yard in Sunderland closed on December 7, 1988.

"The other end of the line will feature the Propellers artwork."

But the help of Echo readers is now needed before the finishing touches can be made to his 3.5metre Propellers of the City glass sculpture.

Water features, decorative street furniture and space for cafe culture style entertainment are all planned aimed at breathing new life into the city centre.

Mbt Shoes Mens Business Casual

"If you have any pictures of Sunderland's shipbuilders please get in contact. You never know, your grandfather's face could be looking out over City Mbt Shoes Amazon Uk

Mbt Shoes Mens Business Casual

But the focus of the square will be two artworks Propellers of the City plus another shipbuilding inspired creation known as The Keel Line.

"But the story of these ordinary people who achieved Mbt Shoes Mens Business Casual extraordinary things has not been forgotten. The time has come to tell it with pride in the city's new square.

It is also hoped the project will be the first step towards the eventual transformation of the neighbouring Vaux site, which has been standing empty for over a decade.

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"As this will be Sunderland's central public space, it will commemorate the shipbuilding industry that played such a central role in the city's growth," said Janette.

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Sunderland was once hailed as the largest shipbuilding town in the world, with thousands of wood, iron and steel ships built on the Wear from at least 1346.

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"We want people to become involved, supplying photos of relatives who worked in the shipyards and sharing their thoughts on the many ships that sailed from Sunderland."

"Where the line meets the river there will be a viewing area designed to suggest the prow of a ship.

´╗┐Sunderland's shipbuilding heroes

Councillors hope the new square will act as a meeting place for public events and gatherings once completed, helping to turn the St Mary's Way site into a hub of activity.

"The Keel Line and Propellers of the City are significant works for Sunderland," said Councillor Paul Watson, leader of Sunderland City Council, after unveiling the scheme.

Volunteers from Living History will also visit The Bridges on May 16 and May 17, from 10am 3pm, where they will be scanning photos for the project. All donations very welcome.

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Mbt Shoes Mens Business Casual

Wearsiders will be encouraged to share their shipyard photos and memories on the site, and vintage images of the Wear and its many yards will also be featured.

"Shipbuilding is the town's DNA. We should be proud of that and celebrate the rich cultural heritage that is part of the River Wear and the men who worked alongside it."

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"A strip of granite will be laid along this length to represent a Vans Khaki Sk8 Hi

"The artwork will commemorate shipbuilding professions from welder to draughtsman to riveter to secretary all those involved. But we need their photos first."

keel line laid in a shipyard, inscribed with a roll call of ships built on the Wear down the years.

"The story of Wear shipbuilding has remained untold since then, and the staggering achievements of thousands of people have gone unrecognised too," said Janette.

Artwork celebrating Wearside's industrial heritage has been designed by sculptor Stephen Broadbent as part of a new 11.8million square near St Mary's Way.

"It will be laid out to suggest a ship pointing from the square to the river. That distance of 291m is the length of the biggest ship built on the Wear Naess Crusader.

Images provided for the artwork will also be used in the development of a Keel Line website, documenting the Vans Donut Sk8 Hi

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