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´╗┐Talking dirty not reason enough to lose job

At the hearing, Braaksma argued that Shafer was guilty of misconduct because her discussion with the customer was inappropriate.

well, excuse me but there's one can called 'The Hottest ing Nuts.' "

Donald Bogardus was fired in February Vans Gum Sole Blue from Black Hawk County, where he was employed as a certified nurse aide caring for dependent adults. He was fired after being placed on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry. Court records show that in February, Bogardus was convicted of the criminal transmission of HIV and sentenced to two to five years of probation.

"So dirty words are OK," Scheetz said.

"They are dirty jokes on your shelves, basically," Scheetz said.

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day in January when she and a customer began discussing various sexual activities. He said he fired Shafer after fielding complaints from other customers who overheard the conversation, according to state records.

More Iowans who lost their jobs

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State records indicate the store also sells a brand of hot sauce called "The Hottest ing Sauce," which is labeled as having an "ass burning" quality that will inspire the consumer to "scream '(expletive)' at the top of your lungs."

According to records from the Iowa Employment Appeals Board and Iowa Workforce Development, these Iowans recently lost their jobs due to allegations of workplace misconduct:

Vans Gum Sole Blue

Shirley Boomgarden was fired in February from Humboldt County Memorial Hospital where she had worked for nine months with Mbt Shoes Jambo

"There's jelly beans, salsa, hot sauces and all kinds of different things about women's (bodies)," she testified. "There's a whole shelf referring to Mbt Men's Narua Sandals Black

Can an Iowa businessman who sells "Wake The Up" coffee fire an employee for having a sexually explicit conversation at work?

Scheetz awarded Shafer unemployment benefits, noting that Braaksma had not warned the cashier of any problems with her work performance before terminating her employment.

Wellma "Tootie" Shafer of Seymour was terminated in January from the Last Chance Market in the small, southern Iowa town of Russell. For 18 months, Shafer worked as a cashier for the restaurant, which includes a convenience store.

"No, they're bottles of hot sauce," Braaksma responded. "It's all right to have dirty words on the premises because the farmers come in there and eat lunch all the time and that's just, uh, kind of "

She said the store also sells a brand of coffee named "Wake The Up," the label of which reads: "This coffee makes a seriously strong cup of Joe. It will put some stride in your step and some lead in your pencil not to mention that you will probably reorganize the garage and finally get to the lawn. Wake the F up and live!"

Vans Gum Sole Blue

Braaksma would not comment on the case, telling The Des Moines Register, "I don't want my store's name in no (expletive) news story."

Steven G. Parmely was forced to resign in February from the North Scott Community School District, where he worked as a math teacher and technical director for the theater program. A student reported seeing pictures of naked women on Parmely's work computer. After an investigation was conducted, Parmely allegedly admitted visiting pornographic websites during school hours with his school computer.

Rita Petsch was fired in February from the Alegent Creighton Health Community Memorial Hospital in Missouri Valley, where she worked as a nurse practitioner.

Margaret Shank was fired from the Super 8 Motel in Fairfield, where she had worked since 1998. She was fired after giving a man a discount on his room. The man in question had been sharing a motel room with a woman who was not his wife. When the wife discovered her husband was at the motel with another woman, Shank allegedly agreed to move the man to another room and gave him a refund.

After Braaksma testified that he doesn't tolerate dirty jokes in his store, Administrative Law Judge Beth Scheetz asked him, "So why don't you remove these articles from your shelves?"

Shafer said she's still looking for work, adding that Braaksma has banned her from shopping at the Last Chance Market. "And you know, he still has this big sign right where you go in, a metal sign, that says, 'Shirts and shoes are required, but bras and panties are optional,' " she said.

Samuel Fristo was fired in February from the Childserve Habilitation Center where he worked as a nurse. He was accused of falsifying patient records and failing to provide patients with the required level of care.

"Because we sell them," he said.

Her dismissal came to light when Shafer sought unemployment benefits, which was challenged by Braaksma at a public hearing before an administrative law judge.

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Shafer denied any such conversation and said profanity and off color humor were part of the work environment at the Last Chance Market. As evidence, she produced a photo of store products labeled with profane language and depictions of women's anatomy.

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Vans Gum Sole Blue

Vans Gum Sole Blue

Vans Gum Sole Blue

"Yeah," Braaksma said, "but there's a time and a place for it."

an expired nurse's license.

Not without fair warning, an Iowa judge has ruled.

Her boss, Rick Braaksma, alleged that Shafer, 46, was working in the store one Vans Custom Culture Winners

Christopher Waite resigned in January from Woodbine Municipal Light and Power, where he worked as the utility superintendent. His resignation came in the wake of an investigation by the Woodbine Volunteer Fire Department, where Waite served as a captain. A trial has been scheduled for May 9.

"They were standing at the cash register talking about dirty, adult situations," he testified. "I told (Shafer) we do not run our store like that. We cannot stand there and talk about adult situations in front of other customers."

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