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Vans Chukka Low Grey

The itinerary is Monday through Friday with stops at the Quinn Apartments, along the main thoroughfare in Green Island, along Route 32 in Vans Sk8 Hi On Feet

With stops at local senior centers since the main passengers are usually seniors or disabled, the fare is 75 cents for seniors and $1.50 for the general public. This is comparable to the CDTA fees of $1.50 for a single trip and $4 for a day pass.

The tentative budget for the program when it started last year was nearly $19,000.

T' bus making travel between Watervliet

"We really wanted a trolley Vans Chukka Low Grey and our logo has a trolley on it too. So I like the name we've given the bus," said Jean Warner, director of the bus program that started in July and picked up in popularity in September. The bus has 10 to 12 riders daily.

ago when her fixed income no longer could afford one. "Watervliet is now so far ahead of other cities in senior transit. People thank me all the time for this."

A 12 passenger bus with a route between Green Island and Watervliet has lovingly been called Mr. T, short for Mr. Trolley. When a matching grant was not Skechers Shape Ups

Watervliet, down 25th and 23rd streets, and up 19th Street and Route 2 to K Mart.

It also goes to the Van Rensselaer Village and Hanratta apartments.

Vans Chukka Low Grey

enough to pay for a trolley, the Watervliet Green Island Transit organization purchased a $48,000 bus instead.

Warner expects that the new schedule will boost ridership even more. The bus will stop at Price Chopper 16 times a day, and Family Dollar and K Mart eight times a day.

Vans Chukka Low Grey

"It stops at most CDTA stops," Warner added. She said Mr. T has a lift to help passengers with grocery bags and other parcels.

Vans Chukka Low Grey

On Monday, Mr. T will start a new schedule with more frequent stops and hourly drop offs and pick ups from locations.

Vans Chukka Low Grey

She said the increased number of stops was because of increasing interest. route is also adjusting to make fewer stops on side streets where not many riders were picked up.

Currently, the schedule has the bus go to the main locations every two hours.

Vans Chukka Low Grey

"This was my idea from a dream I had. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time since this grant money became available," said Warner who gave up owning a car five years Vans Gum Sole

Vans Chukka Low Grey

Vans Chukka Low Grey

Vans Chukka Low Grey

Vans Chukka Low Grey

The grant that was used to purchase the bus was actually administered through the CDTA more than two years ago, officials said.

Vans Chukka Low Grey

Vans Chukka Low Grey

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