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There are many possible governments that must be studied, including our current one, if the residents of Grand County are to have the best chance of a responsive, responsible government that will represent us all. I admire their service to our county, but since I have not spoken to any them.">

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Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

Third, and most complicated is political parties. Let me say that I am just as fed up as most Americans with the extreme partisanship in Washington. Many of our elected officials would rather rant and complain than work on the people's business. This divisive attitude has led to a great logjam at the national level, and until the people hold those officials accountable, it will continue. Both major parties are responsible.

Second is recall elections. Utah is one of 12 states that does not allow recall elections in its state constitution. There was an effort to include a recall Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes provision in 2000, but that effort was unsuccessful.

Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

Finally, let me address a misconception that has been Skechers High Cut Shoes

We're glad to give readers a forum to express their points of view on issues important to this community. That forum is the "Letters to the Editor." Letters to the editor may be submitted directly to The Times Independent through this

To understand the problems, we must first understand how county governments work in relation to state governments. The 50 United States are sovereign. In essence, there are 50 partners working together for common purpose under a national government that can and does make laws that apply to all. Counties are not sovereign they are subdivisions of a given state. Laws enacted at the state level have precedence over those laws passed at the county level.

to have our voice heard at the state level. Right now, they not only don't listen to us, we don't even have a seat at the table.

it harder for a candidate or elected official to misrepresent themselves to the population. Having "official" parties would not force Grand County residents to suddenly stop working together. The whole idea is absurd. Would I suddenly no longer respect an official if I found out their party was different than mine? Of course not, and it's insulting to our common ties as Grand County residents.

Now, with that being said, I must say that parties are necessary. Parties exist in Grand County now. This would just make it official, and make Vans Leather Black

cited by the opposition. They claim we have great flexibility with our government because we can be either a seven member commission or a council/appointed executive style of government with the council administrator. This is not possible. The tragedy is that current and former county council people have made this claim.

Replacement of county elected officials is another concern. This is done through parties in Utah. Currently, if an elected official is unable to complete their duties, there is no way to replace them in Grand County under state law.

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Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

T I Guest Commentary Grand County's current form of government is plagued with problems

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Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

Opponents of this measure claim our county government is "grandfathered in." If that were true, then we would have protection under the law against lawsuits challenging restrictions. If we are protected, why has our county attorney advised our county council about possible lawsuits and the likelihood of the county losing those lawsuits?

Our current form of county government is at odds in many ways with state and federal law. First is our term limits. Term Limits, Inc. v. President with a constitutional amendment, term limits are unconstitutional.

Letters may not exceed 400 words in length, must be regarding issues of general interest to the community, and may not include personal attacks, offensive language, ethnic or racial slurs, or attacks on personal or religious beliefs. Letters should focus on a single issue. Letters that proselytize or focus on theological debates will not be published. During political campaigns, The Times Independent will not publish letters supporting or opposing any local candidate. Thank you letters are generally not accepted for publication unless the letter has a public purpose. Thank you letters dealing with private matters that compliment or complain about a business or individual will not be published. Nor will letters listing the names of individuals and/or businesses that supported a cause or event. Thank you letters about good Samaritan acts will be considered at the discretion of the newspaper.

The biggest thing political parties would contribute to Grand County is representation. Not just locally, but statewide. Our council people go to functions throughout the state, and because they are non partisan, they are mostly ignored. Essentially, they are told to go and play while the "grown ups" take care of business, and when finished they will come and get the "kids." Our opinions carry less weight than other counties. This can no longer continue. We have a population of about 9,300 residents in a state of 2.8 million people. We must have every opportunity Skechers Quick Fit

I did not begin this process for the express purpose of returning to a three person commission. I began it because there are huge legal concerns to our county and we must take steps to safeguard ourselves.

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Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

I was somewhat amused to read five former Grand County Council people claim to know the reasons for why I do what I do. I admire their service to our county, but since I have not spoken to any them about my reasons for initiating a study committee, I must say that their reasoning is false.

Skechers Burst Womens Walking Shoes

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