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It was quite incredible watching him squirm his way through that STV interview in midweek, but you couldn't mark Green's neck with a North Korean nuclear missile.

past two years, I wonder if yours truly features on one of his tapes?

With the financial slate wiped clean after the club plunged into liquidation, you would think it was absolutely impossible NOT to make serious dosh out of the Ibrox club.

Vans On Feet

Vans On Feet

But surely that would be a small price to pay if it drags the club out of the gutter and gives the fans an overdue break?

That was a quote last night from Kim Jong Un.

Vans On Feet

Vans On Feet

When the club went belly up last year it was quickly predicted by all and sundry that attendances at Ibrox would make the pre Souness crowds seem positively healthy.

a certain Craig Whyte.

About bloody time.

It was The Nuclear War XI and, alongside Missile Berkovic, Reggie Bunker and Kris Greenham Commons, the wee man was selected as "the boy who cried Wohlfarth". Brilliant!

So can someone please explain in the simplest possible terms, please, for those of us with zero financial nous how Charles Green and Co have created such a mess doing it?

And nope, I don't mean the fella from The Beechgrove Garden (although you can't help thinking even he'd be a vast improvement on the current custodian).

PPPS. It hasn't been a pleasant couple of weeks for Ally McCoist. The Gers boss has lost a striker, a physio and a scout as well as listening to Charles Green's impersonation of

PPS. Considering it would appear that Craig Whyte has recorded every conversation he's had for the Mbt Footwear Etc

Vans On Feet

Tam Cowan column on Rangers chief Charles Green

"Charles Green is nothing Skechers Active Shoes

Yes, he would have to line Green's pockets. And who knows, he might also have to pay off Skechers High Tops

But to the eternal credit of the long suffering Rangers fans who refused to turn their back on the club, that simply never happened.

Vans On Feet

I've backed the Rangers fans since the start of this sorry saga at the risk of repeating myself yet again, the cash customers who have flocked to Ibrox since the Souness revolution are the innocent party in this mess and I can now see only one solution for a bunch of supporters who'd currently make Killie boss Kenny Shiels sound upbeat.

Two words Fergus McCann.

After a charity dinner in Glasgow when he first strolled into Ibrox, I met my fellow Motherwell man for a brief chat in the bar of the Hilton Hotel.

Vans On Feet

Maybe this sounds just too simple, but surely the Monaco based billionaire could wipe out Rangers' problems overnight?

Anyway, Vans On Feet you'll know it's me if the next leaked recording is a gruff Lanarkshire voice saying: "Four and a half quid for a fg vodka?!?"

IF I won the Lottery this week I'd seriously consider buying Rangers. And no jokes, please, about only needing three numbers.

I'm glad the Rangers Supporters' Trust is now demanding a bit of clarity from Green on several matters.

Put out an SOS to Jim McColl.

but a mad fantasist."

I'm convinced McColl a lifelong supporter the Rangers fans would trust could get the club back on its feet and make a few quid along the way.

Charles and Craig two cheeks of the same backside?

Vans On Feet

The stories surrounding Rangers in recent weeks must humiliate the lifelong fans (maybe the club should consider hiring some sort of media expert to dampen down the lurid headlines?) and the alleged relationship between Green and Whyte has been particularly damaging.

I mean, how could you possibly fail to make loads of lolly? The 40,000 supporters who've turned up for games in the Third Division are a licence to print money.

Vans On Feet

Vans On Feet

PS. The North Korean despot actually sneaked into our Team of the Week on Off The Ball last Saturday.

Forget Man Utd and the Dallas Cowboys (I think we can spot the real cowboys, Charles), what about all that other guff about buying players from the Euro Championships, handing Ally McCoist a 10million transfer war chest and the hugely lucrative re naming of Ibrox Stadium?

Vans On Feet

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