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the roof, thanks to the standard roof rails on our test JLX model.

There is a price to be paid for all this in between function, and the SX4 is Mbt Shoes Buy Online Usa

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Configuration: front engine/ front wheel drivePower/torque: 150 hp/140 lb. ft. Fuel (capacity): Regular (50L) Fuel economy ratings: 8.8 L/100km city; 6.7 L/100km hwy Observed fuel economy: 8.2 L/100km over 529 km.

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Price as tested: $24,835 Options on test vehicle: none Freight PDI: $1,395

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Up front, Suzuki has addressed one of its main complaints too many little buttons controlling too few functions. The 2011 SX4 features a utilitarian dash layout with everything easy to decipher and quickly manipulated. The radio especially used to be a high tech horror show, but now is plainly simple, with even easier to use controls on the left spoke of the large steering wheel (cruise controls are on the right). Beyond the wheel, large gauges provide useful info at a glance.

Behind the 60/40 split folding seatback, there is trunk space Mbt Shoes In London Shop

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

not cheap as presented in JLX test livery, at just shy of $25,000. Still, it ends up just slightly more than a base Impreza automatic hatchback, without add ons such as fog lights, roof rails, keyless entry and start, paddle shifters, heated seats and premium sound system, among others.

Actually, SX4 falls in between the cracks (if you will), positioned in size between today's sub compacts such as the Toyota Yaris and compacts like Impreza. There's about a foot difference in overall length among them. SX4 is also in between in exterior styling, having more of the upright, stubby look of Yaris, rather than the sleek sportiness of Impreza.

Unlike smaller four door hatchbacks, there's plenty of usable room in SX4, both for passengers and cargo. The upright seating makes good use of legroom so even if there isn't a lot, it's nicely used. In the rear seat, for example, there isn't a lot of clearance for knees, which is especially evident when you're climbing in, but there's no impact on comfort once you're situated. As with many cars this size and the next size up, there is a centre seatbelt but little room for a passenger. The flatness of the bench and reduced floor hump does make it somewhat more comfortable for a smaller occupant, though. The seat fabric is attractive and seems durable enough.

Granted, Subaru has been offering all wheel drive in its Impreza for quite some time, and it did have a Justy way back when, but today's "cheap and cheerful" category is mostly made up of front wheel drivers. And, naturally, Suzuki has the front drive SX4 to start (at $17,835, or as a $20,435 mid grade JX).

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

2011 Suzuki SX4 Trim levels: JLX

Power to SX4 is supplied by a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine that puts 150 hp and 140 lb. ft. of torque under the driver's right foot. That's almost as powerful at the top end as the Impreza, which does it with a 2.5L horizontally opposed "four", though it can't compare to the Subaru's massive low end torque. And despite its smaller size, the SX4 only has 27 kg (60 lbs.) on Impreza, which means it probably won't be any quicker off the line or in passing manoeuvres (and in fact feels slower).

It does, however, eclipse Impreza in fuel economy, with our JLX aided by a continuously variable transmission (with further hampers power delivery). Still, even in manual front wheel drive configuration, SX4 economy falls well short of that delivered by cars such as Yaris and the Honda Fit. You can get a manual all wheel drive SX4 in JX trim level.

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

SX4 fills in the gap between sub and compact

Fact file

In Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator an effort to differentiate its sub compacts from all the others out there, Suzuki is makes all wheel drive a part of the mix on its SX4 hatchback.

large enough to carry a gym bag and briefcase, or a couple overnight bags, with the added advantage of being able to move often carried items such as a snow brush and windshield washer jug under the floor. A hard cargo cover keeps valuables out of sight in the trunk space. The seatbacks fold down nearly flat to expand cargo space exponentially, and whatever doesn't fit can ride on Skechers For Women

Vans Golf Wang Tyler The Creator

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