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"All in all, these data suggest that doctors generally are in at least as good a position in their patients' minds as they were eight years ago," Newport writes. "This is despite anecdotal reports of doctors' complaints about patients' second guessing their diagnoses and medical advice and spending hours on the Internet researching what they have been told."

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Dec. 3, 2010 A majority of adult Americans trust their doctors and are confident in their advice, a new survey indicates.

The Gallup survey on confidence in doctors is based on telephone interviews conducted Nov. 4 7 with a random sample of 511 adults 18 and older. The survey on honest and ethics involved a random sample of 1,037 adults.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

But Gallup's honesty and ethics survey shows that Americans trust their nurses a little more than doctors. This separate survey says 81% of Americans give nurses a very high or high rating for honesty and ethical standards, compared to 66% for medical doctors.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

That's up from 64% of Americans who expressed such confidence in Gallup's 2002 survey on the same subject.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

He says that news outlets increasingly focus on health conditions and many times question suggested remedies. For instance, the effectiveness of common procedures such as PSA tests and mammograms, and the importance of , have come into question in recent years.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

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that 70% of Americans are confident in their doctor's advice and don't feel a need to seek out a second opinion or do additional research on their own.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

Ethics of DoctorsIn the organization's annual survey of perceived honesty and ethics of various professions, doctors remain near the top, just as they did in 2002.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

That would lead to a conclusion that the average American might want additional opinion and advice, but that's not the case, according to the Gallup article.

Survey Shows Americans Trust Their Doctors

officers, in whom 73% of people express confidence, druggists and pharmacists at 71%, and grade school teachers at 67%.

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

The new Gallup Health and Healthcare Survey shows Skechers Trainers Black

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

Mbt Habari Birch Sandals

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